Sit production of the beneficial that have essence of life, the secret that automation upgrades is here!

German production steam matchs robot of shift of have the aid of of business NIDEC GPM to promote innovation capability

Robot of own shift of Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) of have the aid of of group of NIDEC GPM of supplier of famous car a replacement holds the whole world that comes from Germany seed profit changes pull current Cheng and small stock space. NIDEC GPM group is in city of graph forest root deploy of workshop of Ao Enlun heart 3 MiR100 that provide MiRHook drawing system, aid its to finish storehouse and the data that assemble space and empty vessel to carry the mission. By the employee that carries the task to be released can more dedicated production and research and development. Act of this kind of innovation helps NIDEC GPM group retain competition ability.

The pump that NIDEC GPM group devotes oneself to to offer innovation for automobile industry from beginning to end solution, already had 70 old rich experience at present. This headquarters is located in city of graph forest root the person that Aoenlunde’s manufacturer is regarded as a technology to precede, erect new surveyor’s pole in pump technology domain ceaselessly. NIDEC GPM is bought by Japanese NIDEC group 3 years ago, before serving as household company, it hopes can as dynamoelectric influence market of process success base oneself upon, in order to retain long-term competition ability, because this keeps right,the height of research and development pays close attention to particularly crucial. Nowadays, NIDEC GPM is had in all in Germany 1, 200 employee, have among them very one of it is personnel of research and development. NIDEC GPM takes seriously increasingly after subscribe project oneself and apply seed profit principle, the hope is had through making full use of produce can, with seed profit flow avoids resource to waste and utmost land improves manufacturing efficiency.

Sit production of the beneficial that have essence of life, the secret that automation upgrades is here!

Seek agile and convenient internal matter to shed automation solution

NIDEC GPM is on its product line more and more apt employs advanced robot technology solution. Here setting falls, internal matter sheds automation also comply with a trend. Chief seeks nobody to drive via beginning already related them carriage system, the sort of system that need not change any infrastructure to the structure still can move normally and can execute the mission quickly. Exhibit in on the meeting, manager of NIDEC GPM deputy production held Andreas Vogt of seed profit expert concurrently to encounter MiR own shift to carry a robot, impressive to its huge flexibility. Agile MiR robot deploys mature sensor technology and safe algorithm, ground of OK and safe independence moves (although be being withheld only with its mankind colleague,be in nearly the distance) that very close. MiR robot can identify the obstacle of far to be like object or employee, can keep away from in time at the same time hold back seasonable perhaps apply the brake, and need not use magnetism or slideway. This is the carriage robot that controller of factory of Ao Enlun heart seeks all the time.

Provide complete Hook drawing system

After passing brief test level, NIDEC GPM cooperates very quickly with MiR certainly. Adopt MiR place system compositive business, the manufacturing area that NIDEC GPM differs in two early or late introduced the MiR100 robot of system of drawing of 3 use MiRHook. Because its debug a process simple, NIDEC GPM can fast its compositive in the systematic flow that arrives to moving. Before undertaking use first, miR robot relies on the area scanner with its powerful function, go ahead of the rest sails perambulatory workshop and scale in the future job course. Its move to assistant can locate by oneself and find those who reach destination independently later the quickest way. In addition, miR robot still can use Hook drawing system to secure bottom slide car and goods shelves go-cart ideally, loading capacity can be lost to be as high as 300 kilogram in advancing every time. Overall and character, miR robot can be mixed in storehouse assemble an own navigation, oil pump bearing of lid, water pump and drive axis are shipped independently appoint the position.

Every robot can replace employee travel everyday the distance of 11 kilometers

Use what NIDEC GPM assembles sectional group to be able to be mobile robot easily daily undertake process designing, can have place the robot compositive in controlling software MiRFleet, undertake drill accusing to the robot thereby. This is a kind of typical job pattern, once employee call robot, it can be started from inside awaiting the position, namely the inventory area that factory component is in. Next, the bottom slide car with the corresponding and laden join after identifying through 2 dimension code. In travel process, miR robot can give out bee song, so although employee is in below machine noise also audibility robot sails the sound that come, can prevent as accident as the robot in collision.

MiR robot wants come away of car of will whole bottom slide only, can move the material in box the assembly line of corresponding component, the reassume when be being returned an empty slide car, carry its to storehouse, final farewell arrives await the position. In road, miR robot still needs to pass the magnetism annulus of the ground to the contact is opened and cross a gate independently. Every robot is average everyday travel 11 kilometers, can ease the distance pressure of employee. If make MiR robot a week 5 days round-the-clock move, it is employee people leave out walk in great quantities distance, saved working hours thereby.

MiR robot can hold small stock effectively

Be in plant of city of root of NIDEC GPM graph forest among them in area of a production, robot of a MiR is in approximately full automatic the plant that convert provides data for employee. And two mobile robots also are in other another area is moving, can be component of supply of 10 assembly line. These are by logistics personnel is finished before the job. Manager of NIDEC GPM deputy production holds Andreas Vogt of seed profit expert concurrently to express: The data on “ assembly line is average very much, if pass manpower to finish,carry supply, natural meeting expends brushstroke money. ” nowadays, miR robot can be the employee of the exercise other the machine to carry relevant data in time, also can save a large number of spaces in producing a course, in order to optimize the memory cost that inventory holds inferior, accord with seed profit principle.

Nevertheless, a few employee still are opposite at first ” of these colleague of new robot “ express to suspect. Disclose according to workshop foreman, at first, employee is accepted hard a bit, but MiR robot conduces to their routine that finish, realize this is a kind of progress very quickly. Really, miR robot can let employee be put from the solution in repetitive transportation now. Together with its are intuitionistic and simple move, all misgive vanished completely very quickly. Employee learned very quickly to generate new order and obtain material supply. Be based on a network, they can pass the user interface of flat computer, mobile phone or computer easily to execute an operation.

Provide more resource for research and development

Depend on MiR robot technology, NIDEC GPM sought the internal matter with a kind of efficient economy to shed automation program. At present NIDEC GPM has planned to purchase two robots again. The reason is apparent, miR100 can release the time of a full-time employee, can put the manpower resource that releases in manufacturing domain, at the same time assemble resource of research and development. The facet with still have important can aid force NIDEC GPM to offer the technical solution of electric pump respect and advantage for the client as soon as possible namely. Manager of NIDEC GPM deputy production holds Andreas Vogt of seed profit expert concurrently to express: “ research and development is our development can innovate continuously technical foundation. MiR of have the aid of realizes internal matter to shed automation, make our aborning follow closely innovates the pace of the solution. ” from this, NIDEC GPM can be his to maintain competition ability to lay a foundation in prospective car market.

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