Power Integrations releases efficiency to amount to the driver of high-pressured BLDC electric machinery of 98.5% IC range of products

Compositive the home appliance of half bridge circuit uses electric machinery driver but leave out carbon fin, considerably time of cut software attestation and cost

Why does emperor of American California city fill in, on November 13, 2018 dispatch–Deep ploughing the firm of well-known company Power Integrations that at high-pressured integrated circuit high-energy effect power source changes a field (POWI) of stock code name releases Nasidake now BridgeSwitch™ is compositive half bridge circuit (the electric machinery driver of IHB) IC range of products. BridgeSwitch IC interior is compositive the FREDFET(that two individual character can strengthen is had fast the field effect transistor that restores extension diode) use Yu Banqiao circuit respectively go up to be in charge of and leave a valve, and the electricity that has nondestructive waste time detects function, can make of 300 W less than without brush dc (the inverter changeover efficiency in application of driver of BLDC) electric machinery is achieved 98.5% . The exceedingly good efficiency that IHB driver provides and distributed medicinal powder hot method but leave out carbon fin, conduce to reduce systematic cost and weight. Because have electric current of compositive nondestructive bad news to detect, bus line voltage detects and systematic level is too lukewarm detect wait for character, because series of this this parts of an apparatus suits home appliance very much,drive of medium BLDC electric machinery applies. BridgeSwitch parts of an apparatus suits freezer compressor, warm a fan of air conditioning system and other housekeeping money and light-duty business use machine of zephyr of pump, fan.

    Power Integrations releases efficiency to amount to the driver of high-pressured BLDC electric machinery of 98.5% IC range of products

The 600 V FREDFET that uses in BridgeSwitch IC is compositive exceed quickly soft restore body diode. This conduces to reduce switch loss and the generation that reduce noise considerably, simplify thereby design of systematic level EMC. This new maximum pressure from power supply IC still has drive of half bridge electric machinery inside the protection of parts of an apparatus of buy and system monitor character, what have a reliable single-track interface in order to to have working state at the same time is newer, mix in electric machinery microprocessor amount to 3 BridgeSwitch communication has between parts of an apparatus. Of every BridgeSwitch parts of an apparatus it is OK to go up to be in charge of and issue tubal current limliting to nod have set alone, such need not the protection that microprocessor and relevant periphery circuit provide whole system below open a way of electric machinery winding or short circuit circumstance. Electric current of compositive nondestructive bad news monitors character to be able to offer the electric machinery breakdown that is based on hardware to protect, conduce to simplify electric machinery breakdown protects a mechanism, satisfy IEC60335-1 and IEC60730-1 requirement thereby.

Cristian Ionescu-Catrina of manager of advanced product sale expresses: We examined “ afresh the challenge that the BLDC city place of swift and violent growth faces, and the increasingly rigid energy-saving standard inside global limits and code, rolled out then can realize the sources of energy and space to save already, can cut the innovation solution of BOM again. New plan can accord with safe level easily not only, still can simplify circuit and shorten development time. ”

The other character of new parts of an apparatus or appliance includes to be as high as the PWM job frequency of 20 KHz, early childhood to leak for mirrorring FREDFET of accurate, real time at the same time extremely the small signal output of voltaic size, of its amplitude and electric machinery winding concerning into the mirror to electric current. Its safety character includes two class parts of an apparatus or appliance too lukewarm detect, next canals and on the canal chases periodic electric current to current limliting and dc bus line are pressed too and be owed suppress protection and report. New parts of an apparatus or appliance but compatible and all common control is algorithmic–Magnetic field is directional control (control of FOC) , sine and offer sensor and the echelon that detect without sensor control algorithm, about these 3 kinds control mode refers to reference to design DER-654, DER-653 and DER-749 please. BridgeSwitch is used thin model the surface sticks the InSOP-24C that fit pattern to enclose, its climb electric distance to be more than 3.2 Mm, can pass two naked solder dish implementation uses PCB to undertake coming loose heating up.

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