Pass a stage to accumulate hopeful to take IBM order form, turn attack server chip

Malic IPhone sells slow down, the stage accumulates report to search new camp actively to accept main force, reduce the dependence of pair of intelligent machine chip. As it is said the stage is accumulated by IBM photograph in, hopeful seizes the large sheet of chip of next top class server, will new market can be developed in data center.

The stage accumulates report

Day classics news covers 19 days, supply catenary personage to divulge, IBM may look for a stage to accumulate chip of server of electric acting industry, the IBM large scale main computer that is used at second for generations (Mainframe) . If the message is true, will be an one big victory that accumulates report. Trendforce analyst expresses, the server chip of global data center, 96% supply for Intel. IBM is special case, do not use Intel chip, however chip of proper motion research and development, and by case core (GlobalFoundries) generation is versed in. Nevertheless case core stops research and development of late Cheng of 7 pay the metric system, and the 7 accept rice that the stage accumulates is measured already produce. As it is said IBM ceases to be faithful, the plan abandons case core, change look for a stage to accumulate acting labour.

IBM order is quite important, this company is global server big plant. Data shows, the global city of data center server was occupied 2017, IBM is seized below 8.3% , be next to Dell, HP. Adversary Dell, HP, associate etc, use Intel more or exceed small (AMD) chip, only IBM uses oneself chip. Analyst Danny Kuo says, IBM resembling is the Laosilaisi in server bound, although volume of IBM server shipment is less, the price is far however more expensive than a person of same business, server chip as much costly. citing, ask a price of IBM large scale main computer 10 thousand dollars of 300 thousand ~200; The congener product of HP or Dell, use Intel chip, the price has 7 only, 000 dollars are controlled.

Besides IBM, exceeded on November 6 small the Cheng of 7 pay the metric system that also announces use stage is accumulated, production exceeds processor of server of small newest generation. Additional, ARM also accumulates report with the stage hand in hand chip of center of data of research and development, the sea below Marvell, Cavium, Hua Weiqi thinks of semiconductor, accumulate electric assistance to fall in the stage, develop the server chip of ARM framework. Each just search appear on the stage to accumulate, the server chip of antagonism Intel. Trendforce analyst expresses, the server chip business with Intel highest profit, city is occupied rate may gradually prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.


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