Modular is small chip prospective trend? AMD Intel so say

In recent years, approach the limit more and more as chip technology, rub the bottleneck that Er law appeared to also encounter development. Mark Papermaster of officer of AMD chief technology is accepting recently ” even the line ” when the magazine interviews, express: We see “ rub Er law is putting delay, chip density still is increasing, but cost is taller, time-consuming longer, this is the change of an essential sex. For this, acting factory is being striven for use new method, will lengthen this cycle, continue to bring more powerful processor ” for the market.

Modular is small chip prospective trend? AMD Intel so say

Although face heavy difficulty, but chip manufacturer people put forward a newer idea ——Why to adopt the plan of ”(chiplets) of “ small chip?

Small chip is the silicon chip that dimensions turns, they can pile up in that way like happy tall building blocks, is not whole circuit is printed on odd chip.

Manufacturer can bring all sorts of configuration combination, wait for special mission for cloud computation or machine study, offer custom-built much chip processor.

Actually, no matter be AMD or Intel, think industry this forward this direction goes developing. Because this allows them with the processor with rapidder rate, more powerful shipment.

Ramune Nagisetty of advanced and chief engineer expresses Intel, this is rub Er evolves mensurably.

Should make at present the smallest the transistor that makes Cheng and chip, its process is complex and costly. And small chip offerred a method to continue compose builds a function powerful processor, reduce cost at the same time and reduce blemish.

The newest, best, smallest transistor, be being designed and make going up is intractable very, cost is quite high also. On the processor that comprises in small chip, this kind of sophisticated technology can withhold invest in to have the design share of effect most.

Other small chip can use the technology of more reliable, mature, low cost to make, and lesser silicon chip itself encounters production blemish not easily also.

The clouds dragon last year (on Epyc) server processor, AMD had experimented this kind of method, this processor has quadruplet small chip to form. AMD engineer predicts, if try to regard a future life of individual big chip as to produce them, its make cost turn over the instant times.

The success of Epyc, be clearly. This week is some earlier moment, AMD announces to will produce processing of server of the 2nd acting Epyc, its included 64 kernels that 8 groups of chip form.

Across, intel also devotes oneself to all the time modular design concept. It is the processor that notebook computer designs, have use as custom-built as AMD collaboration nucleus to show module, in already waiting for brand jotter with Dai Er in HP, this chip is used.

Interesting is, the Pentagon also is interested in this kind of new method, will pass the department of defense bureau of advanced research plan (DARPA) , the research capital of 1.5 billion dollar is invested in this domain.

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