Microsoft announces to buy FSLogix



MicrosoftAnnounce company already bought headquarters to be located in Georgia Atlanta software to develop —— of newly established enterprise todayFSLogix, latter development has a homonymic FSLogix to apply a program to supply platform, trade amount is unspecified.


Vice-president of business of Microsoft Office 365 Bulade · Anderson (bosom of · of Julia of Brad Anderson) and vice-president of Microsoft Azure business is special (Julia White) is in article of guest of a rich write, the technology of FSLogix will make the to load rate of Outlook and OneDrive user archives rapidder, raise Office 365 to be in thereby “ much user is fictitious the integral function in environmental ” .


“ arrives from small business over or across is numerous the very big whole world company of the industry, FSLogix solution promoted a client experience and productivity, reduced the supportive demand of IT branch at the same time. ” Anderson and White express.


The data that provides according to CrunchBase shows, FSLogix already raised money before buy capital of 10.3 million dollar. Its solution is covered as compatible as the numerous cloud supplier such as Yamaxun, VMware, Citrix and Red Hat, cause client is to have the 1000 clients to 50000 users.


“ rolled out FSLogix 2012 when us when, our target is development software, help client reduces the resource that supports fictitious desktop place to need, time and labor power. ”FSLogix combination author holds library of · of Randy of CEO presiding apparitor concurrently to overcome (Randy Cook) is in a statement write, “ we are first-run two products that roll out, FSLogix application and FSLogix Profile Container, dedicated at resolving crucial demand. And newest product Office 365 Container, the FSLogix after aiming to although be bought,enhance the …… of fictitious desktop environment that Microsoft Office 365 experiences still as usual operation, but will incorporate with Microsoft before long, join its solution of compositive business productivity, popularize to the whole world. ”


Still not be clear about FSLogix at present headquarters and its are in Salt Lake City, Denver, Bostonian, Holand, London the influence that how can the employee of agency of and other places buy a message today.


Microsoft expresses, today’s buy had ended. Last week, the software that Microsoft ever announced to buy headquarters to be located in Austin develops company Xoxco. Xoxco is products plan of a software and development atelier, famed with capacity of AI of its dialogue form and robot development. (Compile / be like water)



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