Memory industry grows maintain high-grade and advanced enclose those who make Cheng proportion to be climbed gradually litre

Supply the investigation of catenary to show according to conductor of CINNO Research half-and-half, because Chinese semiconductor is produced,can last to go out, memory industry grows maintain high-grade and advanced enclose those who make Cheng proportion to be climbed gradually litre, course of study of before the 3rd season 10 three-year institution of higher learning seals the production value that measure a yard relatively the 2nd quarter grows about 5% , come to near 6.2 billion dollar.

Among them science and technology of Jiangsu long report, China day and tell rich small report active between upsurge of this China semiconductor sprint, besides in in low rank measure produce can go up with active value race to control city is occupied outside, in high end advanced enclose make also chasing quickly on Cheng, at present these 3 China are sealed measure a tycoon already include the market share of near 1/4.

Memory industry grows maintain high-grade and advanced enclose those who make Cheng proportion to be climbed gradually litre

The personage inside course of study expresses, our country enterprise is entered measure link opposite earlier, the part is sealed measure an enterprise to enclose a technology to go up to already achieved international in high end advanced level, already held higher market share, have stronger market competition ability. Semiconductor seals the breakthrough place that measures course of study to will become our country to strengthen an industry to be able to accuse independently. On policy, semiconductor is sealed measured an industry to also get a lot of support, trade situation bearing lasts to good.

China seals the deep concern that measures 3 tycoons to depend on business of as acting as circle of native land brilliant plant and IDM factory in recent years fast dilate, silicon tastes the bibcock day moon in the past and rank tertiary to rectify and become day moon investment to accuse, jiangsu grows report and buy friend of astral division gold, force is sealed into whole logistic chip outside measuring a factory to exceed abundant electron integrated also former beautiful light diagnoses a factory in brilliant circle of Japan Tera Probe is sealed with what be located in Qiu Tian measure a factory to become show level memory major to seal the dimensions that measure a yard to grow one of the fastest manufacturers.

In light of fractionize, to long report science and technology, buy friend of astral division gold to mean enougher technical reserve and more high grade client natural resources. Sign up for exposure according to money of friend of astral division gold, this company in all hold patent of 1100 United States and more than 2000 IP intellectual property. It is especially inside the technical domain such as TSV, POP, WLP, its are banner the advantage is more clear.

Additional, main client comes from friend of astral division gold business of Euramerican design waiting for IC, rich high-end client is long report science and technology all the time since expectation is obtained extend however relative to slower resource.

China day science and technology encircles V/UQFN, FCQFN and AAQFN to enclose engineering technology research and development to go up in how, obtained great progress. Technical respect is enclosed in TSV(SiP) , brilliant round class encloses sensor of 12 inches of image, substrate of silicon radical microphone is enclosed realized dimensions to change a quantity to produce; to be on dactylogram identifying, development goes round class of brilliant of TSV silicon via to enclose plan and ultrathin down-lead model to seal technical; the FCBGA of homebred CPU encloses technical quantity to produce successful;FC+WB technology, PA enclosed a technology to enter batch stage of production.

In addition, china day science and technology has very good cost to control capacity, include labour cost, field cost and operating costs, the high end in because this is in a company,be being cut encloses a technology, and better cost controls a standard, be helpful for business of international of company patulous country, grow to check a company to be enclosed outstandingly.

Connect rich small report to enclose a technology at present to include Bumping, WLCSP, FC, BGA, SiP to wait advanced measure a technology, the tradition such as QFN, QFP, SO encloses technology and car electron product, MEMS to wait enclose technical; to check a technology to include wafer test, system testing to wait.

3 years ago, connect rich small report to already bought below AMD banner two subsidiary 85% equity, among them AMD Suzhou, bin city basically is engaged in high-end integrated circuit twice sealing measure business, pour outfit chip advancedly to seal measure original technology of technology and company to reach complementary goal.

Our country semiconductor is sealed measure an industry to be able to get developing at full speed cannot departure to be bought ceaselessly, conformity is other and advanced survey technical company, of course the oneself breakthrough to the technology also is cannot avoid surely, learn from others’s strong points to offset one’s weakness ability is perfected ceaselessly measure a technology.

In recent years, country to semiconductor industry give aid to increasing also, favorable policy environment also is the stitch cardiac of domestic semiconductor industry.

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