Marvell establishs outstanding operation center to strengthen pair of Asian market acceptance in Singapore

On November 14, 2018, company of ——Marvell of Chinese Beijing dispatch a few days ago (NASDAQ: MRVL) announces to establish outstanding operation center in Singapore, this center is located in —— of a sector of an area of core of Singapore industry garden to become a center greatly (Tai Seng Center) . Marvell company is in the business experience via more than 20 years development of Singapore, already became a company to realize the whole world to be mixed successfully but durative the main component that grow. Regard Marvell company as the headquarters in Asia-Pacific area, this one brand-new operation center will be covered include cent to sell, purchase, all sorts of responsibility that project of test of quality control, research and development, product, sale and client bear inside, still will finish bought Cavium company staff to undertake conformity to the near future.

Marvell establishs outstanding operation center to strengthen pair of Asian market acceptance in Singapore

Marvell company president holds CEO Matt Murphy (concurrently right 5) attend Singapore ceremony of practice of outstanding operation center

Since “ held water 1997 oneself, marvell is in charge of important IC designing the job in the business section of Singapore, develop the function of area headquarters, it is the partner with Singapore semiconductor main industry. Singapore group devotes oneself to to build the capacity that faces new applying from beginning to end, like data memory and car carry a product these application and the development strategy with native land Singapore have high consistency. ” Singapore economy grows Ling Yuan Chun of committee semiconductor assistant inspector general to say, the outstanding operation center with new “ revealed Marvell to be opposite further the long-term commitment of Singapore business. We developed a relation to be full of to the cooperation with ceaseless and further future look forward to and expect. ”

Come for years, singapore operation center was the job of research and development of Marvell to make outstanding contribution, it ever was Marvell company is in the center of the first research and development that establishs beyond the United States, the forward position that led silicon germanium ambipolar CMOS (SiGe BiCMOS) and FinFet technology innovates, place experience domain covers preamplifier design, IP design and car ASIC implementation. Up to now, group of Singapore research and development already had the honor to win patent of 255 United States, as new operation center open, singapore group will continue to expand, in be engaged in the prospective technology related to car and imitate design and accredit test and verify considering.

“ Singapore is the market with crucial Marvell, the market position that consolidated the company is in Asia-Pacific area not only, it is the crucial seat that we gain the strategy to succeed in the Asia more. Record of formal schooling of talent of area of profit from Singapore the tall, drive that respect property is strong, and the advantage such as native land supplier, the completion of Singapore modernization center will conduce to the company’s better progress, be caught actively and grasp the numerous market opportunity that whole area appears. General manager of ”Marvell Asia Private Limited holds concurrently enclose and check operation vice-president Seok Ching Chen to say, “ takes the opportunity, we also can improve the working environment of employee, offer for them more be helpful for arousing oneself to last the environment of creativity and productivity, and between facilitating group more close cooperation. ”

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