Manufacturer of much mobile phone but project of fold mobile phone: Or supply screen by LGD

The development of screen technology becomes the key that drives smartphone configuration innovation to shove a hand, after comprehensive screen, fold screen sadly arisen.

Afterwards SamSung, China for, after Rou Yu, han intermediary report says, LG Display is in and millet, associate the manufacturer that waits inside cooperates, with period supply relevant face plate.

LG chemistry is a plan more from 2019 begin first, be located in clear city to oneself (the factory of Cheongju) has a large number of investment, face plate of fold of form a complete set develops the adhesive that project place needs, substrate and other package.

Manufacturer of much mobile phone but project of fold mobile phone: Or supply screen by LGD

The hearsay before this China the supplier that is fold screen is) of BOE(Beijing east, nevertheless, this second report points out, china close to also have with LG grind project, latter is Chinese mobile phone one elder brother provides 6 inches of screen, those who adopt is outward fold plan, be similar to soft group mobile phone of Rou Yu namely, 5 inches with Beijing east + 8 inches of Shuang Bing are inward fold is disparate.

As to associate project, rate of progress is the allegedly rapiddest, q3 can be measured 2019 produce. The fold screen that LG provides this to associate adopts inward fold, 13.6 inches are achieved after spreading out, resolution is 2560×1600.

Nevertheless, millet item is likely scope is little may close level is high, show without detail rumour discharge temporarily.

All the time since, the OLED screen quality of LG suffers controversy, these year, millet Note 2, Gu Ge is offerred outside Pixel 2 and China bed product has had disturbance event, can hit on hope fold screen turn over battle.

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