Limited company of group of construction of Chinese electric power and Toshiba strengthen water and electricity, terrestrial heat to generate electricity, the strategy of the domain such as igneous report cooperates

On October 26, 2018, the omnibus oversize of electric power of global the sources of energy, water natural resources and environment, infrastructure and estate domain builds electric power of group —— China to build group limited company (say “ China report builds ”) and company limited Toshiba below (call “ Toshiba ”) below at “ Sino-Japanese forum of cooperation of tripartite market, below the testimony of leader of Sino-Japanese two countries, signed strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will generate electricity in waterpower, terrestrial heat, firepower generates electricity wait for a domain to have thorough collaboration. All the time since, bilateral around domain of water and electricity, communicate project message actively, develop jointly generate electricity the new project of the domain. To extend business, this both sides enlarges cooperative limits to the other product of research and development of Toshiba group place not only, the collaboration that casts financing with respect to the project also reached height to agree.

Clear of free of cereal of car of Toshiba group CEO (left) build group president Yan Zhiyong with Chinese electric power (right)

Bilateral staff plays Sino-Japanese forum of cooperation of tripartite market

Toshiba established facility of Toshiba water and electricity at was in Chinese Hangzhou 2005 (Hangzhou) limited company (call “ Toshiba water and electricity ”) below, the research that basically devotes oneself to waterpower equipment, development, design, make, Wu of kimono of sale, installation. This company You Dongzhi group is contributive 80% , chinese report is built contributive 20% . Outside dividing Chinese market, toshiba water and electricity is in the tripartite market such as the southeast Asia with huge demand of water and electricity, Africa develops business ceaselessly, had built for Chinese report up to now bear hydroelectric station of the Song Dynasty in the Vietnam that build, Laos is meridional river the project such as 5 class hydroelectric station offerred water turbogenerator form successfully.

The near future, both sides is built with respect to Chinese report bear the hydroelectric station of lake of Nepalese tower accept that build and be about to bear the Guinea that build group of hydroelectric station water turbogenerator reachs Kukutanba its are accessary equipment signed frame to purchase an agreement, the project is advanced in order smoothly below bilateral efforts.

Toshiba generates electricity in the heat of the earth’s interior the domain is having substantial outstanding achievement, the accumulative total of world various places such as already northerly beauty, southeast Asia, Africa offers money generation set of 57 terrestrial heat, total installed capacity is made an appointment with 3, 687MW, occupy world terrestrial heat to generate electricity of total installed capacity 23% note 1.

In the meantime, generate electricity in firepower domain, the area with the power exuberant demand such as Asia, middle east will build efficient firepower power station. Toshiba is in circulate for combination power station, super- exceed power station of critical coal fired to offer generate electricity efficiently equipment, provide stability to the society while electric power is supplied, also realize low carbon society to make contribution for the whole world.

Chinese report is built is natural resources of electric power of global the sources of energy, water and environment, infrastructure and estate domain supply entire industry chain the omnibus oversize that solution of compositive, whole serves builds a group, advocate business Wu is transverse span electric power of domestic and international the sources of energy, irrigation works, railroad (the subway) , the old building such as processing of environment of highway, airport, housing, water, municipal infrastructure, a lunar month of 30 days builds much industry, fore-and-aft enclothe design of investment development, program, project to contract, equipment is made, whole process of project and the operation such as project operation, have the outstanding advantage of the core capacity that knows water ripe electricity and industrial catenary unifinication. Chinese report is built take seriously and high evaluation and Toshiba before strategic collaboration achievement and be born project, and be being deepened further cooperate with the strategy of Toshiba.

On the foundation that cooperates before, both sides hopes to carry agreement of this strategy cooperation sign farther aggrandizement to cooperate, what sell the whole world that Chinese report builds network, advisory actual strength and project outstanding achievement and Toshiba is efficient generate electricity systematic photograph is united in wedlock, those who devote oneself to business of tripartite market is farther extend.

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