ISA opening a source embraces open future, RISC-V will make the first selection of platform of new generation operation

RISC-V is in recent years red to empurple, expose to the sun nearly one year especially luminosity is extremely tall. Can see its are wide buccal sex, the Xiaogong that is independence no matter manages or global big IC designs a company, joined RISC-V foundation in succession. In the media coverage that blot out the sky and cover up the earth, constant regular meeting puts his in the contrary of Arm and Intel, but in the author the communication of the vice-president Rick O'Connor with RISC-V foundation is medium recently, he does not like this kind of view: “RISC-V is not to should defy Arm perhaps defies Intel, this is both made extremely enormous contribution to progress of current science and technology. ” but because be ISA together, so total meeting lets a person be put together quite. Him Rick arrives jokingly: “ if you had had a hammer (ISA) , and use very do sth as a natural sequence, so but I am taking a new hammer to appear, why can you choose new hammer? ”


Graph: RISC-V foundation carries out origin of trustee Rick O'Connor(: Charbax)

Why to need a new hammer (ISA) ?

RISC-V is collect of a kind of compact instruction, the X86 instruction volume that reduces instruction collect, Intel with the RISC of Arm is one sort substantially model collective of thing —— instruction fastens a structure (Instruction-Set Architecture, ISA) . Rick ever was mentioned for many times, ISA is the interface of hardware and software, this is the most principal port in computational system. We also know, arm holds dominant position in mobile computation and embedded domain all the time, intel holds dominant position in PC and server end all the time, both ever tried to want to enter the field of the other side for many times, but all did not score the gain that can for person. Is this why? Introduce according to Mr Rick, once some kind of application chose a kind of ISA, so the software level that decided its superstratum and lower hardware layer. The domain such as PC, mobile phone, server, software already special maturity, choose another kind of ISA so, come true very hard also to the software of superstratum comfortable match. Accordingly, score a success very hard. To these domains, RISC-V also can be entered of course, the meaning that does not cross RISC-V more depend on to brand-new applying the exploration of the domain. Brand-new the hardware platform of the domain and software platform did not shape, say the domain such as AI for example, at present everybody is fumbling, but the ISA of Arm and Intel has been written dead, the user can not undertake revise and be additived arbitrarily to its. So, brand-new to what did not come applying domain, need a kind brand-new computational platform, need a kind of brand-new ISA to support so.

Risc-v Member

Graph: RISC-V foundation member (origin: Network)

So what profit does RISC-V have? Rick summed up at 3 o’clock: The first it is its simple and efficient core. The instruction collect of RISC-V is exceedingly compact. 2 o’clock is its are had modular but expanding. The user can undertake ISA modification, add a few directives that oneself need to go in, improve specific application efficiency. 3 o’clock is its open a gender. Because RISC-V opens a source freely, chose RISC-V when you so, did not mean you to be by confine inside frame of a kind of computation. You still can choose to suit your hardware and software platform, and won’t confine is inside existing frame.

The ISA that opens a source embraces open future, give everybody opportunity and possibility

Second interview is here medium, mr Fang Zhixi that just is appointed to be chairman of advisory committee of RISC-V foundation China also participated in communication. Fang Zhixi thinks, the place of RISC-V beauty depended on it giving everybody the possibility.

Model For Isa

Graph: Origin of MODEL FOR ISA(: Fang Zhixi of chairman of advisory committee of RISC-V foundation China)

The graph is Mr Fang Zhixi uses a sketch that explains ISA trade pattern to the author on, can see in Arm it is provider of a certificate, chose Arm to be meant chose specific application and design. Intel is more big package is pulled greatly, it is complete the palm accused ISA, chip design, chip is made. ISA foundation is met merely dedicated the maintenance at ISA the level, go up namely the group in the graph. Can not provide letter, won’t offer a product more. And Where is the user of RISC-V? They are OK consist in this quadrantal aleatoric position! You can take RISC-V, develop a kind of framework, sell fund this framework certificate like Arm, also can choose to join a source. You also can choose to be based on RISC-V to develop a kind of framework, develop IC chip on this framework next, sell IC to make money directly. All commercial pattern can come true here. Everybody is participated in rise, ability innovation gives more possibility, satisfy the requirement of prospective application. Established applied domain waits in PC and mobile phone, already solidify pattern of a kind of trade, and in future in a lot of application setting, need new innovation, new requirement. The open sex of RISC-V will be the choice of a kind of ISA that suits more.

Rick expresses, resembling is Linux the contribution to desktop operating system is same. The occurrence of RISC-V is a revolution. When Linux just appeared, microsoft feels that is imbroglio. And Microsoft had become the user with the biggest Linux and contributor now. Because Microsoft compares one,clearer clear Linux opens a source to be in to the benefit that the technology expands everybody. And RISC-V also is same, a source of RISC-V, to whole industry, also be benefit quite much. According to not complete count, at present the whole world has had more than 120 universities to use RISC-V to have teacher and student. It is semiconductor tycoon no matter at present SamSung China is etc, still be the IT tycoon such as Gu Ge, still be countless independent companies, still be individual developer, had begun to join foundation. This revolution, complete mankind can be participated in among them.

Second interview is here medium, rick is mentioned, industry once exceedingly lazy, was used to with present hammer, suffer tired at a kind in established commercial model. New now hammer appeared, the force of RISC-V of have the aid of, future will have more possibility.

“There Is Nothing Wrong With Intel Architechture, there Is Nothing Wrong With Arm Architechture. There Is Something You Can Do Better If You Start It Over, which RISC-V Is Done. ”

——Rick O'Connor

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