Is U12+ final admiral? HTC government is clear be not a fact

Cite in the light of many media Phandroid website covers, it is machine of admiral of series of U of HTC the last reign of a dynasty to plant with HTC U12+ however as caption, borrow this to attract the circumstance of muster look, HTC issues statement earlier, emphasize future still can connecting application of network news report to offer corresponding product in the light of 5G, and state relevant quote report is not a fact. According to HTC states, state future still can be aimed at 5G to serve even network news report the smartphone product that makes correspondence, at the same time future also can pay close attention to the application such as catenary of artificial intelligence, area piece continuously, also stress the virtual reality application that throws at present additionally, will become future to change market key technology.

Is U12+ final admiral? HTC government is clear be not a fact

And besides divulge embarking 6GB memory, 128GB stores the edition of demarcate of Taiwan of HTC U12 Life of the capacity is about to roll out, and premonitory will be in 2018 the four seasons and the first season rolled out much money to consume end and business to use market correspondence product 2019, not specific specification predicts HTC next roll out product detail.

Nevertheless, in light of information of previous market, HTC can roll out 5G to connect product of net mobile phone in next year certainly, and maintain close cooperation continuously with Qualcomm, and predicting follow-up also can roll out HTC VIVE to replace a product, and new a mobile phone of application of area piece catenary.

As to Taiwan is not little a few days ago the Phandroid website of media quote covers, allude only in fact the first season still won’t roll out HTC next year too quickly product of admiral mobile phone, and in may be being rolled out first with Desire brand, high-ranking machine is planted, mobile phone of admiral of series of new fund HTC U anticipates in the 2nd season ability can have material information.

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