Is situation of current radio frequency semiconductor occurrent change – why?

Current semiconductor industry is experiencing the change of world-shaking, because change of terminal market demand and great conformity are caused,this basically is. A few years ago, there are companies of a lot of domestic radio frequency inside course of study, their most is active at same market, this kind of situation already was replaced by brand-new market structure place nowadays – many rising markets appear, company of much home Silicon Valley and traditional chip manufacturer undertake great annex is mixed buy. What element is driving market structure to change ceaselessly after all?

What element is being driven change?

The change of semiconductor industry situation from go up to ask by two at all drive: To passing feeling and connective requirement omnipresently. No matter people body manages the which position of the world, no matter be in the home,still working place, hope can communicate communication effectively with other. The market satisfies the demand; of beehive mobile phone to hold equipment to had developed the portable computer that makes smartphone and intelligent equipment form from simple pager merely no longer. What people expects now is infinite data, instant stream media, perfect join and through mobile phone monitoring their car, living environment is mixed unmanned aircraft, offer the end such as electric home appliances<gj of articles for daily use, control in order to achieve. Open as these demand brand-new the gate of big batch market, each company all ground of strive to be the first wants to become first service provider, the hope can acquire market share.

The technology of ceaseless development is to prompt another changing crucial factor. To make these brand-new large quantities of quantities consume kind of application to be benefited, each company changes gallium from traditional arsenic in succession (GaAs) solution turns to the solution that is based on silicon, in order to come true taller compositive degree, outstanding specifications, but expansibility and supportable sex (supportive big batch produces) . Serve the radio frequency component at small-sized and independent market to changing gallium to turn to nitrogen to change gallium from arsenic (GaN) , in order to offer higher performance and reliability.

To get used to these new requirements and the technology that develop ceaselessly, of the industry buy deed increasing, because each company hopes to enter,this is new-style can serve the market or buy already the market of amid play action, offer more complete solution for its target market thereby. Accordingly, make and technical experience will be united in wedlock, provide a service for markets of these new-style big batch.

Come a few years finished on the market buy incident in great quantities, those who include Xi Menzi and Ying Feiling and Intel is famous historic buy, but increase of the occurrence as current and rising market and demand ceaselessly, amalgamative agitation grows in intensity it seems that: RFMD and Triquint are amalgamative be bought by Microchip for Qorvo, Microsemi, Avago and Broadcom are amalgamative, the incident of the near future includes Broadcom contest to bought Qualcomm and Qualcomm to give out to buy the quoted price of NXP. In addition, the market of sortie of Ceng An extensive of company of independent and general radio frequency with a lot of long histories, already paid close attention to its limits to narrow now the big batch market that basically involves consumerism, these markets can assume height the cost of compositive semiconductor content.

What is the result?

The development of technology and new service market is exciting, but the big batch market that diverts attention these to be a center with consumer as each company, a lot of people just remember market of high-powered radio frequency later. We are in fill a blank – MACOM lasts active at market of high-powered radio frequency the oldest rate produces effect.

Exit these markets as the supplier, aerospace and national defence, test and measure, industry, science and medical treatment (the product lifecycle such as ISM) is as long as several years and service life / the risk that makes sure front of crucial small lot market is facing decline. Worth while and glad is, MACOM still devotes oneself to to answer these change, combination of product of the innovation that abounds through us radio frequency provides a service for the client, because radio frequency is crucial.

MACOM has innovation tradition of 65 years, driving the MMIC with the most extensive industry, diode and transistor product combination actively to be used at catenary of signal of whole radio frequency, at the same time complementary the rich and professional knowledge that changes aspect of gallium and technology of figuration of beam of be concerned with in nitrogen of switch, silicon radical with us, satisfy the function requirement that new generation uses with all one’s strength. MACOM devotes oneself to to pass us revolutionary semiconductor technology, wide-ranging product combination, supply assure and apply professional knowledge to offer true competitive advantage.

Is situation of current radio frequency semiconductor occurrent change - why?

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