Intermediary calls Hua Weizheng glasses of AR of research and development outside: Appear on the market inside 9 years than spelling an apple

Hua Weizheng enhances reality in research and development (AR) intelligent glasses, and the plan arrives two years in future inside roll out taste newly. The research and development of AR intelligence glasses also can let China compete to spread out with the apple, the report calls an apple ongoing also hair a similar product.

AR technology can reach fictitious three-dimensional and stereo video overlay real world. Its principle is similar to smartphone App, let an user can see fictitious object through mobile phone screen, bring a kind of place oneself to people among them feeling.

AR glasses

China enhance actual App to had increased in smartphone of newest Mate 20 Pro. China accepting CNBC for Yu Chengdong of consumer business CEO (channel of finance and economics of Broadcasting Corporation of American whole nation) when be being interviewed solely, say, AR intelligence glasses is in research and development in the center, it can promote new height user experience. These equipment can let people learn AR skill through the glasses that can adorn.

Yu Chengdong says: This AR technology can let “ you use AR glasses and mobile phone collocation, can promote your view so. At the beginning you can feel AR is such nevertheless probably, but you can discover future AR more value. China in taking a smartphone to can experience more VR above all, because this is in China before the glasses that it is AR appears on the market formally, the user can get used to this technology. I think future arrives two years in, AR technology is commercialized with respect to meeting implementation, china try hard for this to also be in. We will make an user experience better product. ”

Can apparel intelligent glasses technology has not get popularize and be used truly between consumer. Cereal song glasses is one of the earliest intelligent glasses products, but fail to score a success however. Microsoft also rolled out to deploy the product ——HoloLens that enhances real skill, but undertake selling to commercial user only.

Report of Peng rich company said last year, the apple is studying an AR helmet. Tycoon of science and technology of this United States bought Akonia Holographics August, the major servicing of this company makes lens for intelligent glasses namely. Malic company is not exclusive a company of science and technology that steps domain of sufficient AR product, facebook also is studying AR glasses. Ficus Kirkpatrick of chief of Facebook AR branch confirms last month, the company is studying deliver an AR product.

AR technology is the topic that heat discusses tycoons of science and technology all the time, malic CEO carries Mu – Cooke also cannot avoid custom. AR technology is the technical domain that the analyst values all the time. The market analyses company IDC to forecast, the shipment of AR helmet is measured this year summary prep above 200 thousand, but will increase to more than 21.59 million 2022. Tom Mainelli of IDC company vice president says in a report September: The growth that “AR helmet shipment estimates appears very slow, but market of this one product still is in primary level. ”

Although China bed consumer business is very young still but development is rapid, had made the authority in a certain field that consumes domain of sexual electron product at present, successive two quarters surmount an apple to make the world manufacturer of the 2nd big smartphone. China the domain also is in the other such as bed notebook computer and intelligent watch to grow ceaselessly, recently China the intelligent sound box that to still rolled out the name is AI Cube. China achieved 237.2 billion yuan of RMBs for the product income last year, came true compared to the same period the growth of 31.9% .


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