Inferior letter electron will exhibit at 2018 IAS brand-new AX58100 EtherCAT from station controller

Because of answering 4 intelligence make industry increase what wait for market demand quickly, inferior letter electron (ASIX Electronics Corp. ) be about to at ” meeting industry automation extends gain of 2018 China industry (IAS) ” reveal net of its brand-new EtherCAT industry aether to control chip solution from the station – EtherCAT of AX58100 2/3 port from station controller.

Relative to the EtherCAT at other from station controller solution, AX58100 is compositive already two can support at the same time fiber-optic the PHY of net of high speed aether that applies with copper cash network supports a few additional control port, for example pulse width modulation (PWM) interface, increment (interface of coder of ABZ)/ Huo Er, SPI Master interface, 32 numbers control I/O, i/O watchdog, urgent stop an input to wait a moment, in the application of product of bus line of spot of network of EtherCAT industry aether that invites a client to need not need additional microprocessor to be in AX58100 design easily all sorts of differring. Be aimed at product of existing traditional spot bus line, AX58100 offers port of data of two kinds of processes (PDI) , interface of this locality bus line and SPI Slave interface, the client can join AX58100 the microprocessor of product of traditional spot bus line supports EtherCAT easily offer a client from station function.AX58100 through these interface a simple design, the net of EtherCAT industry aether with efficient economy from the station solution, apply at products of all sorts of real time automata applicably, be like industrial automation, motor / athletic control, digital I/O is controlled, imitate number converter (converter of ADC)/ number imitate (DAC) control, sensor data is collected, control of robot runner shaft is waited a moment.

Inferior letter electron will exhibit at 2018 IAS brand-new AX58100 EtherCAT from station controller

Graph – 1. AX58100 EtherCAT reveals circumstances from spot of station controller solution

Inferior IC chip designs a manufacturer related the network that believes an electron to be one major, only essence of life at providing industry / embedded aether net and solution of net bridge chip. Main product is embedded aether network controller (AX88796C/AX88180) , exceed controller of network of aether of high speed USB (AX88179/AX88772C) , controller of network of EtherCAT/ industry aether (AX58100) , embedded network / USB odd chip (AX68004/AX68002) , i/O join controller (AX99100/AX78140/AX78120) , RS-232/RS-485 is sent and receive implement, embedded wireless module.

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