How to make bramble group goes Mesh Provisioner of body blue tooth?

Blue tooth Mesh was released formally in July last year, already passed the time that went more than one year up to now. In a year of in the past, what does the developer community of blue tooth Mesh have to be updated newly?

Firm of member of Home · much rolled out the blue tooth Mesh SDK; that faces developer

Relevant community opening a source had offerred · to be mixed about blue tooth Mesh blue tooth the; of project opening a source of 5

Member firm offerred the IP solution; of blue tooth Mesh related ·

The blue tooth agreement with existing · analyses instrument supplier to support agreement of blue tooth Mesh stage by stage analytic;

· and the terminal product; that use blue tooth Mesh

The place on put together is narrated, the developer community of blue tooth Mesh is having very rapid development in a year of in the past. To the developer of blue tooth Mesh, the developer community zoology as blue tooth Mesh gradually perfect, will more and more developer are thrown among them. The product that if everybody wants,develops blue tooth Mesh is archetypal perhaps, first issue needs to have the Provisioner of Mesh of a blue tooth namely, because Provisioner is in charge of be new affiliation equipment allocates Unicast Address, network Key of network close key, device Key of equipment close key, IV Index waits these important information a moment, how can you build the Provisioner of Mesh of a blue tooth with the rapiddest rate so? Ren Kai offers his solution for everybody: Send in bramble 3 above deploy BlueZ, make its become the Provisioner of Mesh of a blue tooth.

How to make bramble group goes Mesh Provisioner of body blue tooth?

The engineer that blue tooth develops experience should have heard of BlueZ, blueZ is inn of agreement of Linux blue tooth, begin from BlueZ V5.47, blueZ joins a tool that the name is Meshctl. Pass this tool, the kind that developer can carry PB-GATT and GATT Proxy to new affiliation equipment undertakes Provisioning and relevant Model Configuration. After seeing BlueZ supports blue tooth Mesh, I indeed excited several days, try to be sent in bramble 3 advocate board upside arrange BlueZ V5.49, but a few obstacles let me feel baffle and struggle, I spent about two weeks of time to seek a solution on Internet, denounce with Linux expert

Theory solve a problem and make its can work normally. The problem that I solve may be the problem that development staff must face, regard the developer of alliance of blue tooth technology as concern manager, I think I am responsible the knowledge that shares me to development staff and experience. So, I summarized the problem that I solve, gathered relevant information, next I wrote a tutorial to develop personnel, hope development staff can use this tutorial to build to belong to his blue tooth Mesh Provisioner.

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