Home appliance zoology encircles the 2nd Ying Feiling group flower collect hold, industrial catenary mentions science and technology of home appliance forward position in all

On September 5, 2018, is Ying Feiling science and technology holding a theme to be “ core zoology without stannum? Wisdom the life? In all home appliance zoology encircles the 2nd Ying Feiling of prospective ” group flower collect. Come from an industry electric machinery of group of science and technology of standard of online, China, IHS, Alibaba, beautiful group, power spirit, Huanali is versed in university, Shanghai is green share of couplet software, 9 this world each personage is close, discuss topic of forward position of home appliance industry in all.

Below the tide that in intelligent home appliance consumption upgrades, the masses is ceaseless to the demand of the function of intelligent home appliance and innovation technology rising, the market studies the data of company IHS Markit shows, chinese consumer bought the whole world last year the large intelligence home appliance of 65% , predict to come 2020, this one word will achieve 95.1 million.

Ying Feiling science and technology (China) Yu Daihui of chief of division of big China of limited company vice-president and ministry of facilities of industrial power control expresses, consumption upgrades and intelligent revolution is forcing home appliance industry quickens innovation, the frequency conversion of home appliance is changed and intelligence is changed make two big features and trend, this is ecbolic the creation to new requirement, new function, new plan and research and development. Ying Feiling is happy to be home appliance the frequency conversion of relevant enterprise is changed, intelligence changes a process to endow with can, explore technical program to upgrade side-by-side with the enterprise the optimal practice method of innovation, organization of related side of the interest in encircling zoology rises, build value network, means solves a problem and answer a challenge in order to innovate hand in hand.

He emphasizes, ying Feiling view is in butt joint of supply and demand of standardization, program, and the between collaboration that quickens innovation respect to promote home appliance industry to swim up and down. Ying Feiling hand in hand partner, the frequency conversion through offerring standardization is electronic-controlled plan and emulation software, referenced design, evaluate board wait for subdesign tool, let be spent for just increasing exposure, let need to just shorten research and development is periodic, reduce the time cost of products introducing to the market, advance the innovation that cross a boundary and industrial linkage thereby.

Swim up and down to promote home appliance industry further cooperation, ying Feiling was started in mobile spot be built by its and the home appliance zoology of operation encircles a website (Home-appliance.infineon.cn) , this website is standardized through promoting frequency conversion plan, square to accepting program supply and demand and online technology is interactive, aim to be trader of Ying Feiling, program and home appliance manufacturer to build communication bridge, create business chance.

Ying Feiling root at industry of Chinese home appliance old, offer complete product line and comprehensive application to enclothe, the ability center implementation that relies on professional applied engineer group and place and client win-win. Ying Feiling still owns network of partner of high quality trade, include 11 cent to sell plan of home appliance of 6 business, Ying Feiling to recommend design firm (PDH) , pass associate of gold of PDH of home appliance of “ Ying Feiling to plan ” recruit more to have ceaselessly paddle one’s own canoe design ability, have client of stable home appliance group, be dedicated to focusing the PDH of market of domestic and international home appliance. Meanwhile, use too much force of active all the time also couplet wants Ying Feiling the client builds home appliance course of study to combine a lab, participate in innovation. And of website of group of ecology of Ying Feiling home appliance go up line, will promote the innovation cooperation between manufacturer of Ying Feiling and partner, home appliance further.

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