Hold the market of foreign memory tycoon, the live road of homebred company

The global semiconductor industry of instantly, most hot nothing is more… thanMemoryImplement, business of new technology research and development, development memory (allegedly stage accumulating report marchs of purpose memory business) , be in short supply, rise in price, the tycoon is held accuse to produce can, and next depreciate etc, lively and extraordinary, notting have is not nod for core with memory.


In the newest whole world that IC Insights releases manufacturer of 15 most conductor is ranked in the center, with respect to before big alligator stage accumulates even the industry report to was squeezed to go out 3, of the latercomers surpass the formers is memory tycoon SK Hailishi, and between the manufacturer of before the rank 5, 3 memory tycoon is in row (SamSung, SK Hailishi and beautiful light) , the TMC of Toshiba of big card business of additionally two memory and western data, also the good market because of memory and beautiful beautiful financial data, firm quietly keeps advanced 15 in the center.



If such memory market momentum continues, erupt simultaneously with memory build up in those days the home, be pulled down by SamSung nowadays the Intel of position of semiconductor industry old, whether can you have the impulse that return to old trade? The answer is affirmative, it all the time darkling labor force.


Integrated circuit industry grew 60 years, processor and memory are the heavy goods of sex of semiconductor industry base all the time, market demand is huge. And the development as technology and application, processor produced tremendous change in these 60 years, all sorts of new frameworks, product emerges in endlessly, from original CPU, development goes the MCU later, DSP, GPU, FPGA, and the AI special processor of instantly is waited a moment, and to processor, the memory change between these a few years is opposite very small, basically be the gradual progress on packing density and capacity, and the basic framework change of memory is not big, especially the DRAM of “ old ” , all the time continue to use up to now, still last long.


Visible, between a few years of in the past, produce how many kinds of change without the sort that discusses processor, principle and framework, DRAM can satisfy their application basically, need to be in only packing density and capacity fluctuation kongfu are OK.


Of course, as applied development, and the longing that increases demand to data capacity, going up century 90 time appear, want “ young ” than DRAM of a lot of shine put a technology, the speed that develop and changes is about much faster, from original 2D, evolution arrived the 3D of nowadays, packing density increased many. And the development that waits for application as AI, all sorts of new-style storage technologies (MRAM and ReRAM) the be eager for doing sth in the lab, prepare those who replace instantly to shine put.



Country the progress of name memory IDM



Below such big setting, china sends force!


Regard the semiconductor of fundamental sex as heavy goods, it how is OK that memory counts an import completely, the memory IDM that must want to have mainland just goes!


Accordingly, jin Hua of long Xin of memory of the Yangtse River, Hefei, Fujian these 3 countries the emerge as the times require of memory IDM enterprise of the name.


Although these 3 are newly established enterprise, but because be the memory IDM that national emphasis gives aid to, suffer attention to spend so all the time very tall. This year, because arrived to be on the crucial phase of industrialization the right path, their news is ceaseless, those who had had, also have bad, can say, these 3 hour came to real test.


Newest message comes from store at the Yangtse River, it is a good news, its 32 3DNANDThe quantity will be thrown to produce before the end of the year nowadays, namely now, should strive for those who realize circle of 300 thousand brilliant every months to produce can. Additional, explode two days ago a message, industry public figure discloses, the 64 NAND sample of framework of Xtacking of memory of the Yangtse River has sent to the partner to have a test, read write quality to be stabilized roughly, predict to will be in the most quickly 2019 put into production of the 3rd season. The Yangtse River stores more the plan jumped over 96 3D NAND 2020, enter 128 pile directly.


Because SamSung uses the V-NAND of the Five Dynasties that 96 pile design to had been measured,produce, other also is met a few times very fast follow-up. And in international memory seminar (IMW 2018) go up, applied data company shows, to 2020, 3D stores pile can accomplish 120, can achieve 140 2021. Visible, memory of the Yangtse River should jump over 96 3D NAND, enter 128 pile directly, pursuant footstep is how the ground is pressing, of course, this should do safeguard with solid technical strength, from the point of current condition, memory of the Yangtse River is accumulated in the technology and side of research and development has a breakthrough really, wait and see what happens.


CEO of memory of the Yangtse River Dr. Yang Shining ever can go up in CFMS2018 peak express, 64 3D NAND that use Xtacking framework follow 96 photographs of traditional framework to compare, capacity only low 15% . 128 pile that industry predicts to was rolled out 2020 can develop competition with international big plant.


In produce can respect, the Yangtse River stores Wuhan stores base first phase has thrown production, originally what this factory plans is 100 thousand are produced can, but can accomplish actually 150 thousand. To enlarge scale of production further, wuhan memory base 2 period memory of He Ziguang Chengdu creates base already start working, enlarging scale of production ceaselessly.


Fujian Jin Hua was to come out nearly most bad news.


Because have close cooperative relationship with couplet report, DRAM of joint research and development, when by report of couplet of be involved in and the United States’ smooth intellectual property when dispute, troublesome subsequently and come, american government seeks all sorts of ground, prohibit the semiconductor equipment manufacturer such as the United States sells relevant equipment and technology Fujian Jin Hua, subsequently and those who come is, couplet report also break down the collaboration with Jin Hua, this develops to its business and plan of research and development can cause not little effect, follow-up development remains to observe.


Hefei grows Xin respect, it is cast formally in July this year piece DRAM, start try produce sample of 8Gb DDR4 project. This also is the first chinese mainland the DRAM chip of own research and development.



” of “ the Three Kingdoms how historical novel goes down



DRAM is the technology of portion “ old ” and industry, its foundation sex studies the sense is stronger, a lot of ingoing enterprises think from DRAM proceed with, the United States is the birthplace of DRAM, accept connects what development rises Japan and Korea semiconductor industry and relevant business later, rely on DRAM get rich. Recently, march of purpose it seems that the stage of memory business accumulates report, allegedly principal those who aim at also is DRAM.


3 nature of chinese mainland also won’t exceptional, jin Hua of Hefei long Xin, Fujian is main attack DRAM, allegedly memory of the Yangtse River also should do DRAM at first, but as a result of all sorts of reasons, instead is done shine put.


Sex of technical “ old ” , foundation is strong, what accompany to it is technical camp can taller, a few thicker, tycoons had accumulated experience of a few years and patent in this respect, accordingly, the probability of dispute of occurrence intellectual property also is met a few bigger, this also can say is one of reasons that Fujian Jin Hua encounters a trouble.


In these 3 countries the name stores among IDM, jin Hua is opposite for more the strategy that apt recommends technology, collaboration to develop, no matter be research and development, still be a talent, its and couplet report are having close cooperative relationship. Such cooperative relation is a Shuang Renjian, advantageous also have disadvantage, of benefit is to be able to save time, through introducing technology and talent, in absorb inside short time as far as possible, digest, progressively him translate into technical reserve, promote core competition ability; Malpractice counterpoises actively namely in the hand that cannot grasp completely in oneself, development process suffers the effect of sudden incident easily.


Jin Hua’s closest experience can’ts help letting us remember 1960 in revive relation, was to introduce originally large quantities of before Russia expert and relevant technology, start the two research and development that play one bit, but change as what two countries politics concerns at that time, russia expert and relevant resource all mogged, we must from 0 begin, oneself go fumbling, through a few years struggle difficultly, oneself produced a nucleus to play.


Although located times and domain are different, but case is very similar however, and the research and development that is high-tech domain works.


Actually, about recommending research and development of technology, collaboration, with paddle his own canoe completely the focal topic that development is industry controversy all the time, look in us, very bad component gives pair of very faults. Our purpose nature is to should paddle his own canoe, but a lot of moment, transfer of technology is a topic that does not hide and process. Resemble the China 1960, we emphasize paddling one’s own canoe very much in each domains at that time, but face huge technical drop, still chose to introduce absorb, but the risk with this kind of politic accessary place is brandish do not go, must return own research and development finally to come up again.


This can’ts help letting me remember old person and youth, old people often gives a youth to all sorts of life suggest and be summed up, hope they take roundabout way less, but in fact, the roundabout way that most youth should take, one kilometer is done not have little, because of the road must oneself had gone, had tried ability count.


Below a lot of circumstances, grow must want to pay price, the key is to want the end with very correct set, eliminate drops the composition of make a profit in troubled situation, step down perservingly.


When having, introduce a good partner, can have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort, resemble period of the Three Kingdoms east, week gem go to somewhere for shelter Sun Ce, aided its to make a career one time.



Respect of memory of the Yangtse River, have some of taste that country of start period Sichuan is in when the the Three Kingdoms very much, it is ground of Yu Chu of base oneself upon (Hubei) , extend to Sichuan then (memory of violet smooth Chengdu creates base already start working, enlarging scale of production ceaselessly, and memory of the Yangtse River and violet light are consanguineous) . If historical contrail is similar, the memory line of business that memory will be in the Yangtse River that ceaseless development expands to did not come acts real important role.


Hefei grows Xin respect, july, this company was greeted hold the post of CEO Zhu Yiming newly, come from this man of the time of million easy innovation, hold president of million easy innovation and Hefei concurrently to grow the several duty such as Xin CEO personally at a suit, busy extremely. With the Zhu Yiming of NOR Flash build up, want to be broken through somewhat in DRAM respect all the time, and long Xin of ” of big fund of “ of Hefei government, country and Hefei gave him a very good development platform, can produce ability and daring and resolution adequately, strive for will homebred DRAM to be pushed at an early date expand ceaselessly to the market.


This can’ts help letting the Cao Cao when I remembered a the Three Kingdoms, he also is to hold those who count job concurrently personally (Chinese photograph and Wei Wang) , no matter be it may not be a bad idea of a fierce and powerful person, a person who achieves high position by unscrupulous scheming, final was to make a career one time. If historical contrail is similar, hefei grows Xin to be worth to expect likewise.





However, ” of this “ the Three Kingdoms is not those the Three Kingdoms, memory of the Yangtse River, Hefei grows Jin Hua of Xin, Fujian to be not the vassal relation that cut apart, the support of ” of big fund of centrally government, “ and each local government and fall as a whole, IDM of these 3 memory should be met the travel before ground of in an orderly way goes down, and be in necessary when can develop in coordination. As to can grow what rate, the wisdom that sees respective skill and leader.


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