Hand in hand Lucid, power Cheng Ke ability offers artificial intelligence deepness to conduct feeling function like the head to photograph

The intermediary outside occupying reports, chinese Taiwan power contain science and technology (VIA Technologies) with artificial intelligence (Lucid of company of AI) vision newly established cooperates, mix for safe domain, retail domain, robot domain drive automatically what use in car domain is double photograph photograph equipment resembling a head to offer the deepness that is based on AI to conduct feeling function with how like the head.

The data shows, power filling electronic Inc. is the whole world tall compositive embedded platform and firm of systematic solution lead, devote oneself to net of couplet of M2M, content and application development of wisdom city domain, limits includes automation of automation of sign of much screen wall, number, industry, medical treatment to wait. Company headquarters is located in division of new store of city of Taiwan new north, pass power fill globalization network position, the branch was established in the high-tech core area of the United States, Europe and Asia. Client group cover the whole world consumable of each big banner high-tech, telegraphic, electron card.

As we have learned, lucid is AI vision industry banner start a company newly, the 3D that devotes oneself to development to be based on machine study captures and deepness passes the software solution of feeling. Use only double / photograph setting resembling a head more, 3D shirt-sleeve technology already the facility amount that deploy absorbs what photograph system resembling a head like head, robot, unmanned aircraft, safety and other intelligence in mobile telephone, 3D is produced in. Through undertaking training in high in the clouds, conclude in the brim deepness, lucid easily compositive SDK support level is photographed like the head, with be on cost, space and development excel is based on emissive hardware deepness system.

Hand in hand Lucid, power Cheng Ke ability offers artificial intelligence deepness to conduct feeling function like the head to photograph

Come through embedding shirt-sleeve technology of Lucid proprietary 3D power fill development of Edge AI 3D to cover in, safe domain uses and photograph retailly mix like head, robot, unmanned aircraft drive automatically enough depth of car aux will be able to captures 3D image, reduce cost, power and space to use up at the same time, and the deepness solution before does not have afore-mentioned advantages. Power the route chart of Edge AI solution that Chengxi looks at to build his, and Lucid will be on every platform resemble head and machine study adding deepness to conduct feeling function to photograph.

Increase by the artificial intelligence of Lucid research and development model 3D/ deepness is passed feeling solution, call 3D shirt-sleeve skill, at present deploy is photographed at 3D photograph like head, safety in waiting for equipment like head, robot and mobile telephone. In power development of flourishing Edge AI 3D is covered in, AI deepness is passed feeling the solution is connecting APQ8096SG high embedded move on processor, this processor gets engine is mixed connecting AI high many photograph the support that resembles a head, pass with other hardware deepness feeling solution photograph is compared, can help Lucid provide more outstanding performance, offer precede inside the industry and solution of distinctive pure machine study software.

On current market, the intelligence that has deepness to conduct feeling function is photographed already made safe, retail, robot and content couplet net like the head (the key that IoT) domain uses, its application includes more accurate facial identifying, be apart from in order to decide the person outside vitreous act wall and specific object are direct, dog and measure. Mix to robot, unmanned aircraft drive automatically for car, deepness is passed feeling can promote navigation capability considerably, managing and rebuild 3D space, stimulative machine implements automation.

Be based on at present blast off to be passed with the hardware of laser feeling the totle drilling cost that the solution can affect facility, dimension and power comsumption. Power fill the solution with Lucid to conduce to not only settle afore-mentioned challenges, still conduce to compositive in lower cost, over all dimension and power budget deepness conducting feeling function, drive automatically quickly thereby of the system expand and deploy.

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