DRAM2019 year fear will continueing to glide

Semiconductor industry is with dollar valuation, so domestic semiconductor plant can establish the company outside the condition reduce the pressure that exchange rate fluctuation zone comes to. With brilliant circle stage of acting labour bibcock accumulates report for, already was in last approve of board of directors is spent in the forehead do not exceed range of 2 billion dollar inside, to stage accumulating report is in British dimension Beijing archipelago establishs hold share company TSMC Global Ltd 100 percent. Add endowment, avoid in order to lower foreign currency danger cost.


Board of directors of South Asia division yesterday (12) day also resolution is spent in specified amount of 1 billion dollar inside, establish 100 % to hold condition husband company avoids with lowering foreign currency danger cost. EspeciallyDRAMThe price with dollar valuation, and forms for reporting statistics of money of factory of DRAM of fluctuant can immediate impact shows exchange rate, reduce exchange rate wave motion to affect nature to conduce to battalion carry will not appearing the variable outside overmuch course of study.



To DRAM market, according to market country science and technology memorial system stores research DRAMexchange investigation, although second half of the year is industrial peak period this year, but the market lasts supply exceeds demand, DRAM season of price of contract of the 3rd season goes up narrow only 2 % of 1 ~ , the four seasons may invert drop 5 % , also do not eliminate to drop expand continuously, the super cycle that terminative price rises even 9 season (Super Cycle) .


DRAMeXchange points out, second half of the year weakens DRAM demand advocate because of, include norms of strong put oneself in another’s position of wisdom mobile phone to already was attracted hard change machine requirement, bring about busy season shipment performance is flat; Servo implement occurrence cacophony of market shipment kinetic energy, and because Intel platform is not worth for goods and PC and NB market are pounded wait.


Look into 2019, although each are opposite follow-up new increase production can plan picture is relatively conservative, but cast a quantity to still rise gradually, also will last plus next year indebted enter autumn at Cheng of 1x/1y pay the metric system, DRAMeXchange predicts whole furnishs a the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor yield will grow nearly 22 % . Price of next year DRAM falls still depend on the change that demand carries, especially servo implement whether does embarking quantity of shipment and stand-alone have enough growing kinetic energy.


At present beforehand appraise 2019 DRAM price year all valence will glide 20 % of about 15 ~ , but if servo implement and demand of wisdom mobile phone appears to be amended greatly again, the price is afraid can have the risk that glides further.



DRAM price goes drop long term remain wait-and-see


The 4th season begins DRAM price to be transferred instead this year drop, advocate because the market is right wisdom mobile phone and servo implement occurrence cacophony of demand kinetic energy, concept of be a burden on division of luxuriant silicon, South Asia, world, power the heavy defeat such as report of vessel of firm, appropriate, Hua Bang. However, legal person thinks, rise as data center demand, add beauty of memorial system big plant to be in aggrandizement solely tablecloth bureau, 5G will become the main force that add of an outstanding achievement accuses.


DRAM of make a comprehensive view a group of things with common features group yesterday share price, fall at the same time almost, the luxuriant silicon that behaves most weak force among them drops greatly nearly 5 % , next South Asia division, world drops amount to 3.81 % , 3.6 % , and power vessel of firm, appropriate and China state report drop also exceed 2 % above.


In recent years DRAM quotes situation, previous already all previous rises via the price of 9 quarters circularly, alone is tended by industrial demand kinetic energy insipid, bring about the market to have the pressure of supply exceeds demand, also make DRAM formal and terminative the super cycle that the price rises even 9 season (Super Cycle) .


Taste abundant big China to cast consider general manager to express even Ganwen, DRAM begins from last year, present the case that demand exceeds supply, because this drives integral DRAM quote to go tall, however, because market demand is inferior to anticipating, increase cost of DRAM capital expenditure tall, from this year actually the 3rd season begins, the price rises already considerably convergent.


Day is filled cast consider general manager Li Xiuli to say, demand of DRAM second half of the year is fatigued and weak, advocate because norms of strong put oneself in another’s position of wisdom mobile phone already was attracted hard,change machine requirement, form busy season not the situation of flourishing, add servo implement occurrence cacophony of market shipment kinetic energy, and PC and NB market are not worth for goods because of Intel platform, also make industrial one disaster after another.


In addition, she expresses, optical science and technology of beauty of factory of bibcock of beautiful memory system (Micron) for advantageous and patulous business, the Duan Feng after planning to be built in the stage since last year measures manufacturing base, will original brilliant circle is made with what build hind Duan Feng measures concentration to be in same point, this measure factory general Yu Benzhou 5 (26 days) kick off, and beautiful smooth aggrandizement is in of tablecloth bureau lift, also will make Taiwan grows ability in what remember body respect, suffer international to fix eyes upon once more.


Moreover, according to DRAMeXchange investigation, future accompanies what build place as data center to gain ground, and after 2020 the advent of 5G for generations, miniature servo implement application will be in prospective 3-5 inside year, appear to grow significantly, be expected to help litre of use volume that recalls form at the appointed time.


The city after looking into, lian Ganwen emphasizes, although DRAM applies at PC field requirement,be inferior to before, and quote of DRAM of the 4th season already also appeared this year become loose, reckon add dropped 2019 pressure is great, alone applies Yu Yunduan demand to will be climbed considerably as DRAM litre, prospective production value also will appear to growing, if look with coming for a long time, still need not too pessimistic, follow-up development is worth while and advertent.



Go low continuously, samSung suspends enlarge producing a plan


Be glided by the price message influence, samSung announces to cut down its to store the enlarge of chip produces a plan last month.


According to the report before this, this year since 3 quarters, memory market value has fallen to be become, and four quarters still will be in drop, to next year the beginning of the year, show those who put the market to still have 25%-30% to fall. Be developed shipment of existence of backwater, server to measure inaccuracy to decide by the smartphone and the influence of Intel processor be in short supply, main DRAM shines put manufacturer to will appear the circumstance of supply exceeds demand.


The industry such as SamSung and Hailishi ever expressed to will undertake enlarge produce, but second half of the year shines this year put market price case to glide and appear possibly at any time produce can surplus problem, samSung had cut down memory chip enlarge to produce a plan to glide in order to prevent the price further at present. According to day intermediary report, samSung the capital expenditure 2019 will glide 8% , among them DRAM memory investment is chopped greatly 20% .



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