Diode of thin atomic layer achieves technical breakthrough, ply only 0.7 Nm

Integrated circuit makes Cheng breakthrough, by Taiwan successful university physics fastens Wu Zhonglin to teach the group of composition waiting for a person, successful research and development goes out only ply of thin atomic layer (0.7 Nm) and the 2 Selenium that have character of exceedingly good and logistic switch change tungsten diode. According to group statement, the transmission electron of responsible operation is by demarcate inside thin atomic layer, will reduce interference considerably and raise operation rate, if future applies in digital device, operation speed anticipates can exceed nowadays computer thousandfold, 10 thousand times.

On the market, the stage accumulates report to developing 3 Nm to invest a plan, 3 Nm makes Cheng Xin factory predict the first phase end 2022 begins a quantity to produce; and the scientist in the lab is searched actively can small shrink to atomic measure (the electric crystal material that is less than 1 Nm) , the hope lets digital device become more frivolous, efficiency is taller.

Compress the 2 dimension material to atomic class to have a lot of distinctive physics and chemical character, data group is for instance mythological black lead Xi (Graphene) , it is the first is discovered only the 2 dimension material of carbolic atom ply, electric conduction is spent admirable. In addition, because ply is paper-thin, through stack the 2 dimension material of different type can show a different function sex.

But Wu Zhonglin of professor of department of successful university physics says, black lead Xi makes semiconductor material not easily, because this group decides to choose another kind as congeneric as black lead Xi of 2 dimension material transfer metallic sulfur belongs to compound (Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, TMDs) : 2 Selenium change tungsten (WSe 2) , successful research and development gives ply only the 0.7 Nm, 2 Selenium that have character of exceedingly good and logistic switch again change tungsten 2 extremely body.

Compare before traditional silicon semiconductor material, wu Zhonglin says, 2 Selenium change tungsten 2 extremely 3 Nm already were surmounted to make Cheng limit on body ply, can satisfy place of integrated circuit of second for generations completely to need thinner, smaller, faster requirement.

In the experiment, the group also uses monolayer 2 Selenium change the 2 dimension that tungsten semiconductor and oxide of iron acerbity bismuth comprise composite material, show adjusting control sex of report of 2 dimension data need not metal electrode, can open, shut electric current in order to arise 1 with 0 logistic signal, can reduce circuit to make Cheng and design considerably complex degree, avoid short circuit, leakage of electricity or the condition that violate each other to happen.

In although should study positive result,returning a lab of be confined to, but future if can this thin atomic layer 2 extremely system group synthesizes all sorts of integrated circuit, because be in charge of the transmission electron of operation be by demarcate inside thin atomic layer, aux will be able to raises operation rate considerably, anticipate can exceed rate of nowadays computer operation thousandfold even 10 thousand times, and energy consumption is few, the many operation requirement that can satisfy artificial intelligence chip or machine study, perhaps did not come the mobile phone fills report to be able to be used be as long as a month.

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