Data center uses the actor weakness of lithium battery

A powerful person accuses model lead is acerbity (VRLA) accumulator is commonly used at the UPS (the three-phase origin of UPS) system. As a result of the cause of its weight and dimension, data center needs those who have aggrandizement to bear the weight of structure. The function character of VRLA batteries also can suffer temperature effect, increase the load of air conditioning system then. VRLA batteries is not particularly durable and need to time change, this also causes the addition of battalion carry cost.

Because VRLA batteries does not have economy to replace kind feasibly, because this is designed,the engineer must bear its defect. Nevertheless, in recent years the circumstance of lithium battery is changed somewhat. Straight so far, because be between the price, the sources of energy, capacity, safety and dependability,did not achieve reasonable balance, accordingly the UPS system of data center does not have used feasibility. But the progress as a result of dynamoelectric trick-cycling art, this problem already was obtained solve. The first already appeared on the market 2016 by the UPS system of lithium battery power supply. Now all main big plant all uses lithium cell, this direction is accepted already for the most probable selection. Cover according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, up to 2025, 40% what lithium battery solution will occupy data center to use UPS market.

Data center uses the actor weakness of lithium battery

The actor defect of lithium battery

Consumptive electron company uses lithium cobaltic cell normally, when this batteries capacity can amount to many, these UPS systems all carry rectangular lithium manganese battery. And when its install a capacity to be 60, carry longer service life and the breakdown of a variety of degree to defend. Sometimes individual module, it is important that individual even batteries needs to be in charge of monitoring performance data, be like temperature, voltage and electric current. Sometimes ark of power source machine or system of whole even department can be in charge of this monitoring technological process. Must carry out monitoring ability complete control accuses to charge with discharge flow, avoid to happen critical heat as chemical as what cannot go against program. Lithium battery also has higher energy density (Wh/kg) and higher output power density (W/kg) . The energy that has likeness of as acerbity as lead batteries stores capacity, and weight is plumbic acerbity batteries 1/3 less than, this advantage conduces to the total mass that reduces a system amounting to 60-80% .

In recent years, data center because dimensional limitation and more efficient the demand that battalion carries and all be main goal in order to increase its power density. More businesslike usable space solemns is one of jobs with data center the most principal owner. The lithium battery with cabinet bulk can decrease to take up in UPS system the space amounts to 50-80% mediumly. Of this kind of batteries charge time is fewer and the rate that discharges by oneself is much better, should happen to run the role with when interrupting, can be acted important often. Unused when, lithium battery is met every months the n of 1-2% of caustic break an appointment. The most significant advantage grows the service life of effect for its. The service life of plumbic acerbity batteries is extremely brief, only 3 come 6 years. And on the other hand, lithium battery can use about 10 years continuously. According to different chemistry, technology and temperature, the charge efficiency of lithium battery can is as long as 5, 000 lifecycle and maintenance-free, and the average charge efficiency of plumbic acerbity batteries has lifecycle 700 times only.

The whole of lithium battery has cost by a definite date 10 years (the) of average service life of data center UPS, than acid playing lead batteries became little 39% . Although this is hopeful beforehand appraise value, but can assure to save at least 10% . Lithium battery is exclusive a serious defect is earlier investment apparent taller. This also is why large data center is become already guide the pioneer of new-style solution. The purpose with this mainer establishment is having cost at reducing whole, and rather than is short-term gain profit, even if still comparatives in the economic cost of the many a little makes a mickle below this circumstance considerable. Additional, the gain of small-sized batteries can be more significant use usable space, at the same time reliable supervisory system also can ensure more exceedingly good safety reachs steady performance. Lithium battery is comparing VRLA move below higher temperature, and won’t loss capacity, can drop the negative charge of cooling system. Of course, still have the single-phase UPS that deploys lithium battery even. All sorts of application models are from the biggest data the center begins, it is industrial application next, at small-sized server room or individual even frame end finally.

Convenient change

All clients meet finally the most serious problem of ask oneself is: Whether be the UPS the system upgrades at present the opportune opportune moment of the batteries that be lithium? If want to answer this question, what want a consideration above all is the usability of technical capacity. New battery cannot apply to all UPS type, the hardware with because this is likely great need and embedded software upgrades. Although be in identical nominal below voltage, batteries charges to also can have with the character of discharge different.

The life expectancy of system of general in data center UPS is 10-15 normally year. Plumbic acerbity batteries can use 3-6 year, and lithium battery can be used be as long as 10 years or longer even. In UPS system (under 5 years) use initial stage, a large number of changing batteries of the acid that it is lead is certifiable its are practical. After changing lithium battery nevertheless, battery of the lithium when ending extremely possibly to UPS system service life still can be used. If your UPS system service life is close to metaphase, battery service life may be longer, because this is in,batteries changes to be without a meaning at all below most circumstance. When its service life ends, lv of take an examination changes the UPS system of your a complete set of for brand-new lithium battery solution. Nevertheless, even if is right old old UPS system, the batteries with costly installation still very convenient. You should consider its price to drop ceaselessly, and old old system is safeguarded cost and change completely the rate of cost.

Forecast reach look into

Although can reduce battalion continuously by the UPS system of lithium battery power supply,carry cost and whole have cost, but the VRLA solution that major client still employs time of all previous classics to examine. The point of view that can have long-term advantage only through using lithium cell above all explains this phenomenon. Nevertheless, this can raise capital cost considerably really. For love or money, the investment that the client is innovating grows every year continuously partly and go up not to drop only. To large data center character, economic amount will be very huge, because power supply system of this lithium battery will be in an enterprise,the branch is chased increase gradually. Lithium ionization learns to also last in progress. New solution and technology will appear along with time, and the price of lithium battery will fall further.

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