China release formally 2019 to already revealed mobile phone of fold type 5G to predict to operation business

On November 20, according to Korea media coverage, china showed mobile phone of 5G of a collapsible to had been exhibited to Korea operation business. Fold of this mobile phone is equivalent to the size of purse and ply, after opening, dimension is equivalent to confusing your flat computer.

Pursue medium from apply colours to a drawing can see, china bed fold mobile phone uses Shuang Bing to design, by a 5 inches screen and a 8 inches screen composition, OK and 50% discount pile goes to 8 inches screen the lower part of 5 inches of screen, the “Galaxy F” that the SamSung before fold means and this releases is similar. But price may be as high as 1500 dollars.

As 5G network official business uses the drawing near of date, each are big manufacturer beyond the 5G chip besides ongoing him hair, still be in the intense research and development that intensifies archetypal machine, we still can see future more and more new idea products appear. 5G place brings becoming aware is the promotion on network speed not just, returning a likelihood is the revolution that uses setting and seesaw pattern.

China predict for mobile phone of this fold screen will 2019 world communication is exhibited appear formally, came in March in next year release during April.


Fold screen mobile phone

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