Be lost the impact of order of malic company chip, connect a company high to look into not as good as the analyst anticipates

On November 8 message, be lost the impact of order of malic company chip, connect a company high to close to the battalion of holiday shopping season look into not as good as the analyst anticipates, share price of be a burden on is in dish hind in trading, drop 3.4% . Connect the 2019 money that make high year profit anticipates first quarter exceed an analyst to anticipate, but this one good look into main benefit from benefit from at what anticipate the taxation of every about 45 cent is favourable.

In the IPhones XS/XS Max/XR that the apple has released newly in September this year connect chip high to eliminate outer, turn and use the modem chip of the Intel company. This year at the beginning of the summer, tall lead to partner to give out early-warning to say, probable meeting abandans the apple to connect chip high, but the effect that it produces should compare what wall street predicts to want fast.

Connect Davis of CFO George · high (George Davis) says, apple about the chip of the half is purchased often can undertake in holiday season. He expresses, wall street analyst should expect, the blow that loses malic order can get one year in future more comprehensive reflect.

“ the impact that we considered to chip sales volume reduces even more to arise 50 million times in directive outstanding achievement, this can be used only lose order of chip of malic mobile phone to explain, ” Davis says, “ this is true distinction. ”

Zhou San earlier moment, personage of know the inside story says, apple not with respect to law dispute and connect high spread out “ any level ” negotiate, plan pair of thin law court. Davis expresses to this, connecting high solve the issue issue that waits for permissive person with the apple to go up, it is company interior no matter exterior still pay close attention to very much, but did not announce both sides to whether reconcile launch a negotiation.

Connect high already tried to sign more agreement to offset with the client the influence that is immersed in litigant fight with the apple, this can let its client pay lower patent accredit cost rate actually. Connect high had reached new agreement with the big client such as SamSung electron. Can touching what disappear loses malic order to affect additionally is to be connected high with millet group, OPPO, Vivo and a series of new cooperation that increase manufacturer of aircraft of the national champion in waiting to reach. Manufacturers of these Chinese mobile phone all sell low mobile phone in the rising market such as India.

Davis says, manufacturer of these Chinese mobile phone begin to manufacture costly mobile telephone increasingly, latter uses the brave dragon that connects high 700 with 800 series chip, this conduces to increase chip sales volume. “ although we planned to make to accredit a few adjust, let a client pay lower accredit cost rate actually, but the chip sales volume that this can increase us, he expresses ” .

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