Answer industrial intelligence to change imitate IC big plant to give new device

Industry the development of 4 to IC, especially imitate IC firm is very main.

Current, industrial intelligence is changed developing to factory network forward position, brim, increase production get used to tone oneself energy-saving force, suit oneself it is OK to adjust the flexibility with taller implementation, produce a line to be able to produce a variety of products with so, and do not need extend more yield line. Another advantage, it is to achieve taller manufacturing efficiency (promotion 65% ) , still can shorten considerably the development time of the product.

The consistency that assures a product is very important also, this meeting affects the quality of the product directly, for instance, the producing area of same chocolate brand may be different, and different producing area can obtain raw material not identical. Those who produce a line suit oneself adjust a function to allow to undertake modulatory to raw material dosage, ensure the consistency of the product. Additional, produce a line to introduce even diagnose a function oneself, promotion monitors ability, let produce a line thereby safer, promote the security of worker of high yield line then.

Cite a case, be in the brilliant round factory of Intel, through a few sensor increasing on brilliant round equipment, the data that collects to these sensor undertakes an analysis, monitor, the real time that realizes round to brilliant state detects, this platform uses the AI platform GEPredix of GE, pass AI algorithm, make calculation to collection data, can accurate without by accident the ground, apace undertakes adjustment to the system. Promote normal run time of the system considerably thereby, improve manufacturing efficiency.

Industry 4 drive large PLC to small size, compact model PLC is changed, current, it is 2 times of demand larger almost to the demand of small-sized PLC, small-sized PLC can turn intelligence drive factory front, the intelligence with true implementation is changed make, suit oneself adjust.


Go-IO is thick accumulate thin hair

No matter be industry 4, or industrial intelligence is changed, what does half-and-half conductor manufacturer mean? To this, maxim Integrated industry and general manager of department of facilities of medical treatment health Mr Jeff DeAngelis express: We want “ to define a product with new thinking way, above all it asks integrated circuit provides taller flexibility, perhaps saying is software but process designing, can configure ability, in order to offer more agile adjustment ability. Still have additionally get used to ability oneself, get used to diagnostic function oneself, answer environmental change, help the development that power industry intelligence changes thereby. ”

Regard semiconductor as the manufacturer, offer IC not only, the reference that provides a few intelligence to change even designs platform, one party faces a client to reveal, what can the IC that uses us realize, achieve what kind of goal, additional, had referenced design, the client can transplant referenced design easily to his platform to go up, do actual test and verify.

2014, maxim Integrated rolled out product of platform of IoT of course of study of chemical industry of generation intelligence, namely miniature PLC, the PLC appearance that follows coequal at that time function is compared, measure is 15 times narrower, power comsumption was reduced 50% .

2016, as IC compositive function is advanced ahead, be based on its taller compositive spent solution, maxim rolled out Pocket IO reference to design platform, introduced technology of IO-Link intelligence sensor, IO-Link technology makes an user true come true to get used to production concept oneself.

The dimension of Pocket IO is 167K cubic millimeter, its dimension and on the miniature PLC photograph of generation is compared, 2.5 times more contractible, power comsumption was reduced 30% .

November 2018, maxim rolled out reference of Go-IO of the 3rd acting product to design platform. Go-IO is integrated on the area that has volume of credit card half only 17 can configure IO, can elevate production considerably as automation factory subsystem efficiency and diagnose a function oneself.

Go-IO support is monitored actively and exchange equipment health and state information, achieved higher handling capacity and manufacturing efficiency. This reference designs the measure with contented also increasingly severe PLC and power comsumption requirement, consult with its photograph of design Pocket IO is compared, 10 times more contractible, power comsumption reduced plan size 50% .

Jeff expresses, this kind compositive the reference that spend and designs density designs platform, still do not have which competitor to be able to achieve so high compositive density now.

Graph: Maxim Integrated industry and general manager of department of facilities of medical treatment health Mr Jeff DeAngelis

When speaking of IC job temperature, jeff expresses: We face ” now the working temperature limits of the IC that industrial application rolls out is – 40°C arrives 125°C, it is OK that general industry application asks temperature upper limit achieves 85°C, but we had exceeded original industrial level limits to ask, emphasize additionally a bit, also be very important actually a bit, IC low power comsumption is very important, must give out heat because of small size IC little, low power comsumption is very so important, e.g. us GO-IO card uses 3 AA batteries power supply to be able to work 10 hours. ”

Integrated 3 old techniques

GO-IO is integrated 3 old techniques, it is industrial communication, as a result of conformity the industrial communication interface with compositive height, many GO-IO module is OK mutual between undertake data is transmitted, information communication, the communication ability of GO-IO of have the aid of, still can push data finally send high in the clouds, this is its one large dominant position. Another technology is technology of industrial input output, namely digital IO technology. Still having a technology is technology of industrial power source.

Of Maxim on generation segregation RS-485 offerred a number to keep apart technology and transformer drive, exterior need to build a transformer only, can realize power source and data segregation. Its number segregation uses capacitance to keep apart a technology, can support higher communication rate. And in platform of new generation GO-IO, will go up generation segregation RS485 and transformer are both and compositive arrived one case, form MAXM22510, make integral dimension narrowed 40% .

Another of GO-IO platform tall compositive spending a design is technology of input of 8 passageways number, input of number of general of parts of an apparatus and digital segregation are compositive together, the number that makes segregation inputs a solution (MAX22192) , make integral measure narrow 31% . Technology of segregation of this kind of number inputs the number not just and keep apart conformity to arrive one case, it still provides more function actually, for instance: Open circuit, short circuit, press too, shed breakdown to diagnose too, this is helpful to the design of industrial IoT, can monitor in real time produce on-line to run a state.

Here, jeff still emphasized the number of Maxim outputting technical MAX14912 particularly, word of 8 a movement in martial arts exports chip. MAX14912 besides can realize sudden switch, still have function of a safe degauss, this is very important to industrial control, for instance a lot of spots are carried out implement it is perceptual load, switch instant can have very strong recoil. What this energy handles is bad to can mar machine equipment. Inside this IC of Maxim as a result of compositive release a passageway, namely degauss function, can the reactive energy sponge perceptual load, and won’t damage the other part on equipment, help user cast off the confine on the design.

Occupy Introduction Jeff additionally, the power source that place of Pocket IO of platform of PLC of the 2nd acting industry uses still needs exterior inductance, and in GO-IO new generation makes the same score Taichun, used USLIC of module of only power source, converter of DC-DC of high pressure of will efficient synchronous commutate, inductance, capacitance is compositive inside same module.

Everything for the client

Jeff expresses: We pass “ the research of a few acting products, all the time the development trend of follow closely market, maintain be communicated closely with the client and cooperate. E.g. , the requirement of according to client, our digital IO introduced SPI interface to configure a function, make an user OK repeated usage design, promotion designs flexibility. Additional, the chrysanthemum catenary function of digital IO parts of an apparatus, make a client OK come true on same SPI interface multichip cascade, expand the passageway of digital IO is counted.

GO-IO is meant apply at industrial automation not only, and can walk along floor space automation from the factory, walk along a robot again, the terminal application that goes different goes up, this defines it namely the reason that is GO-IO. The small size design of Go IO can place Lou Yu’s pressure, temperature easily to monitor probe, and in the controller such as air conditioning; Also can install it to robot arm to do of course the spot is controlled and adjust.

Issueing plan institute to show is a referenced design that Maxim is based on this platform to offer, can order through the website, inside this referenced design, contained GO-IO module, advocate board with applied processor board (MAX32630) .

Jeff expresses, this referenced design is configuration of a standard, as compatible as binary IO. Maxim provides API support in the light of this GO-IO.

When speaking of GO-IO and client butt joint, jeff expresses: “ now, we change at industry period, compositive product needs to develop the course that follow-up industry intelligence changes quickly. Additional, using the level, not be industrial automation only, include floor space automation, robot, covers terminal application is wider and wider also, demand is bigger also. Our GO-IO platform has gotten industry precedes of the manufacturer approbate. ”

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