Always invest 3 billion! Country is the biggest project of material of carborundum of the 3rd acting semiconductor leaves build

Recently, project of material of carborundum of day high mountain is in start working of high new developed area of clear this world, the project of material of carborundum of the 3rd acting semiconductor that indicating country is the biggest and product line of whole set craft leave formally build, also expect for Changsha carbon base material industrial development adds ” of “ new engine.


As we have learned, project of country of department of project of material of carborundum of day high mountain’s biggest material of carborundum of the 3rd acting semiconductor reachs product line of whole set craft, cent period builds: First phase covers an area of 156 mus, basically produce underlay of carborundum electric conduction, predicting annual produce can amount to 1.3 billion yuan; 2 period parts of an apparatus of main production function, include electric power parts of an apparatus to enclose, module and device, car of new energy resources and fill convertor of drawing of traffic of power station device, orbit, sun’s rays volt inverter, predicting annual produce amounts to 50 ~ 6 billion yuan, taxation can amount to 5 ~ 700 million yuan.

Regard the 3rd generation as the carborundum of semiconductor material, china of “ be includinged produces 2025” program, it is a country strategical burgeoning industry. And the “ that Tian Yue is be worthy of of domain of material of semiconductor of Chinese broad forbidden band alone horny animal ” .

International is advanced, main product uses numerous technology field

The technology of carborundum semiconductor material of limited company of data of crystal of Shandong day high mountain has achieved international advanced level, individual product whole world is only Shandong Tian Yue and an enterprise of American are OK batch production, this product is the core stuff that struts crucial equipment, be included national strategy goods and materials. According to introducing, the company is built from 2010, grow with 8 years of time only for the company of hi-tech of carborundum semiconductor material with advanced international, its are main the delegate that product carborundum underlay regards new generation semiconductor as material, wide application is carried at electric power, the technical domain such as communication of illume of car of aerospace, new energy resources, semiconductor, 5G.

As we have learned, carborundum semiconductor also calls the 3rd generation semiconductor, it is the semiconductor of new generation power that the development after afterwards silicon semiconductor rises, because its are had high frequency high pressure, high-power, high temperature resistant, considerably energy-saving wait for marked characteristic and advantage, safe to ensuring a country, equipment of development high end is made, stimulative industry upgrades replacement has major strategy sense, it is accepted epoch-making material.

Zong Yan civilian expresses, carborundum semiconductor industry makes a domain be well worth doing in energy-saving environmental protection and intelligence. His citing says, if use semiconductor carborundum to LED replaces all incandescent lamp or replace fluorescent lamp partly, can save the illume of 1/3 to use phone, namely 100 billion kilowatt hour. Hang outside “ common air conditioning machine, if use carborundum material to be able to reduce the volume of 1/2, at the same time energy-saving 2/3; Carborundum semiconductor is the fundamental material of 5G communication and content couplet net, can say to do not have carborundum semiconductor to cannot realize 5G and content couplet net. ”

Choose Changsha, the 3rd acting semiconductor makes race to control upland

The applied market with “ the biggest carborundum is in China, hold the use amount of global close half, but the carborundum industry of our country is returned very not perfect, and long-term since be blocked by abroad. ” Zong Yan civilian express, enterprise of requirement of this kind of condition must can accuse independently, plan an outlet oneself, and the age that this gave Tian Yue enlarge large-scale construction asks, also be to fall child the reason of Changsha, “ Hunan has in car, have National University of Defense Technology, have market demand already, have base of confluence of the army and the people again, be born Changsha, accord with us to admit the need of the choice. ”

Actually, changsha is entering catenary of industry of new generation semiconductor to build in strong thrust, in going up casting of downstream industry be born environment of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment, the systematic advantage —— that has certain property to introduce serves as a country strategical burgeoning industry, 2017, catenary of industry of makings of carbolic base material is by establish of Changsha municipal Party committee, municipal government Changsha 22 industry are burgeoning reach one of advantage industry catenary, advance industrial catenary the office to be set in high new developed area of clear this world. Since hold water, office of catenary of carbolic radical industry studies through development industrial situation, comprehensive advance an industry to breed industrial main body, exert oneself action business, meticulously to perfect the act such as safeguard mechanism, the industry that help strength builds catenary, filling catenary, strong chain, extend cable length.

“ nowadays, development of industry of the 3rd acting semiconductor greeted unprecedented good luck window period, this settle, we hope can the 3rd acting semiconductor makes race to control upland, fill Changsha is in the blank of carborundum industry. ” Zong Yan civilian express, company settle expects dovish advance construction of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment, make contribution for semiconductor industry development, the Changsha that help strength makes national intelligence make a center, “ our target is to two arrive to ascended 2020 before body whole world, 5-10 year time accomplishs the whole world inside the industry the first, realize the Chinese dream of the 3rd acting semiconductor! ”


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