7nm product appears cause Heng Jiang of overmatch of aggravate of attention Matthew effect

Not long ago, AMD released the whole world in Beijing the CPU of Cheng of the metric system of the first 7 pay and GPU, bring extensively attention. 7nm is known as the node of a milepost of semiconductor technology, as rub Er law moves toward physical limit, this node is hiding already tremendous business chance, also will bring unprecedented layer upon layer challenge to semiconductor manufacturer at the same time.

Difficulty of research and development is heavy, 7nm product appears eventually

Rub Er law can say is one of law with the most fundamental industry of whole electron information, it is the experience summary that develops to integrated circuit craft actually: When the price is changeless, the amount of yuan of parts of an apparatus that can accommodate on integrated circuit, make an appointment with every other 18 can increase one times to 24 months, function also will promote one times. The transistor amount of microprocessor of biennially left and right sides is double, the processing capability that means chip is double also. The growth of level of this kind of index, make on the large family computer of 70 time changes the century into the machine with 90 80 time, more advanced age, next the product such as home appliance of the Internet that breed gave high rate, smartphone, present car couplet net, intelligence.

This looks the process of “ automatical ” , actual greatly, also be the mankind intended pilot result. Chip manufacturer is intended according to rub the contrail that Er law forecasts develops, the software product with software development new business challenges the chip of existing equipment to handle ability increasingly, consumer needs to change the equipment with higher configuration, equipment manufacturer haste produces what OK and contented processing asks to unload generation chip.

This month, in the “ that AMD holds partner summit meets area of big China of ” of congress of 1000 people user on, AMD released 7nm of global head money formally to make the CPU of Cheng and GPU, 7nm product eventually “ if 7 and to ” .


At present this processor had offerred print to the client, produce shipment very quickly with respect to meeting quantity, because of this AMD EPYC (clouds dragon) the processor of 7nm X86 framework that will become the world appear on the market on first times.

And the GPU that 7nm of global head money makes Cheng is to come from AMD Radeon Instinct familial, head pushed MI60 and MI50 two accelerator product.

On congress, what AMD revealed to be based on this chip to develop is automatic drive sample, according to the experience that learns before, drive automatically the car identifies quickly what giving is car, what is pedestrian, road condition how, give out relevant statement to give a car according to these information.

Future, the high-end electron product such as car, mobile phone, will be the market application way with 7nm main product.

Matthew effect aggravate, overmatch perseverance is stubborn

Matthew effect, show overmatch heals the phenomenon that strong, weak loses more, reflected the social phenomenon of polarization. ” of “ Matthew effect applies to the chip industry of 7nm likewise, in the industry of sweep the deck of the person that win in this, the big plant that is similar to a stage to accumulate report people, depending on the 7nm craft that takes the lead in coming true to obtain many order. Current, the Zen 2 that AMD has announced to did not come and Navi show card to will let a stage accumulate report to undertake taking the place of is versed in, huge order satisfied a stage to accumulate the market demand of electric 7nm, apportion charge of research and development of a huge sum, still can earn many profit at the same time, so that undertake next the craft that make Cheng, the money newspaper that this kind of benign loop lets a stage accumulate report is climbed successively litre.

And other chip generation are versed in the enterprise is afraid pass so not comfortably. Did not take the lead in holding the high point of 7nm, lose the client’s order subsequently, also undertake without enough budget research and development is thrown at the same time, such go round and round, also exit the potential risk that chip industry competition encircles naturally with respect to generation. And the condition that whole chip industry also is accompanying the promotion of the doorsill to be in oligarch to change, unless black science and technology is reduced considerably advanced the production cost that controls Cheng, but, the field of chip acting industry in future, those who have enough market resource is final still be tycoon of those a few science and technology.

Accumulate report besides AMD and stage besides, what must carry is SamSung. Why to fill in in emperor (San Jose, CA) held “ SamSung on ” of day of 2018 science and technology, samSung also brought new product, new technology. SamSung releases SmartSSD QLC SSD of 7nm EUV craft, the EUV process node of the 7nm of its generation plant has in power comsumption, function and measure respect improve significantly.

Occupy report of Korea media ETnews additionally, processor of admiral of Exynos of the generation below SamSung will use FinFET of 7 accept rice to make Cheng technology, the double nucleus NPU that adds artificial intelligence operation is unit, the laden ability that enhances artificial intelligence operation greatly and processing speed, also be the SamSung processor of the 2nd acting integrated NPU. At the beginning of 2018, samSung rolls out processor of Exynos 9610 of Exynos 7 series already integrated the generation NPU of research and development of SamSung proper motion.

Leave one station, 5nm

A variety of difficulty that make Cheng from at present 7nm can see, on 5nm and the following node, the structure of transistor still needs very likely to undertake improvement, what get attention quite at present is the Nanosheet transistor of type of tower of a kind of similar arhat.

But 7nm of no less than is same, 5nm makes what Cheng should solve also have transistor framework not merely, still have brand-new the existence of the difficulty such as wiring layer material. According to the route chart that a few semiconductor manufacturers release, 5nm makes Cheng by provisional began to develop 2020, at least Nanosheet is a target with this.

As going same, rub the destiny of Er law depends on not only the dimension of chip technology, also depend on physicist and engineer. The transistor that these will decide to production goes out and circuit can be improved why to plant degree. SamSung, stage accumulates the technical progress of report and GF, let us see 7nm makes the development way of Cheng times. Even if needs to overcome a large number of physics and project difficult problem, integrated circuit industry also goes ahead in one pace.

Develop 5nm further when prospective semiconductor technology nevertheless even after 3nm, the narrower point in circuit has ten atomic ply only even, silicon semiconductor technology should face the maximum possibly really in those days, showing the scene that each square contest photo corner chases 7nm to make Cheng nowadays perhaps is the last station of silicon semiconductor, new-style semiconductor material be vividly portrayed, industrial wait and see what happens.

Below such circumstance, expectation can see semiconductor industry hand in hand act vigorously is entered, the semiconductor industry development in future sends force continuously on road, continue to be being abided by rub the footstep of Er law, human consideration ability and engineering capability are postponed to new peak.

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