TomTom and collaboration of meaning law semiconductor roll out tool of fixed position of innovation class geography

The development of semiconductor of law of implication of bag of soft hardware bag board with fixed position technology, and the special software of join TomTom online service

Soft hardware will be worn at was before the bottom in October 2018 on

Over or across is multiple the semiconductor supplier with the banner whole world of electronic application domain meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, code of stock exchange of abbreviation ST; new York: Company of STM) and world’s lead TomTom (TOM2) of technologist of independent fixed position, one is rolled out to connect interface of process of application of TomTom Maps API(continuously in announcing to care about law semiconductor STM32* to open type to develop an environment) development kit, use at situation fixed position, dog to serve with map data, the help develops personnel to accelerate product development, shorten time of products introducing to the market, reduce development cost.

As congener in first product, this development kit includes a STM32 Discovery advocate board, a GNSS is patulous board wrap with function of a software. STM32 Discovery advocate board the connection that is used between network of beehive of 2G / 3G and high in the clouds, GNSS is patulous board the bag uses the function of software of; of technology of Teseo satellite navigation that precedes inside the course of study that is based on meaning law semiconductor beehive is mobile net of couplet of network general content (IoT) node receives a series of TomTom Maps API repeatedly. Soft hardware bag and TomTom developer account can let develop personnel general base the service adds content couplet net and intelligent city to use a design quickly inside. These base the service includes to be GPS coordinate changeover the street address inside the map () of retrorse and geographical encode, retrieve the interest around dot and make accurate navigation way.

TomTom and collaboration of meaning law semiconductor roll out tool of fixed position of innovation class geography

Anders Truelsen of general manager of department of TomTom company business expresses: “ uses TomTom industry to precede base with n/arc drafting technology, combine the chip technology with particular ST and systematic major knowledge, we created particular, and the kit of the Maps API that can visit us easily, get out of the way sends personnel to be able to develop the fixed position application that initiates a gender, development rate is rapidder at the same time, efficiency is taller. ”

Alessandro Cremonesi of vice president of branch of meaning law semiconductor expresses: “ gets supportive to let locate the development of the product works, we and TomTom produce bilateral and respective technology advantage, around tall person angry STM32 develops ecosystem, what development went an as complete as TomTom cloud service collection to become is custom-built change soft hardware kit. These tools can realize service of former unripe fixed position on STM32, can accelerate net of couplet of geographical location content the development of the solution, apply to motorcade management, article to dog wait for the service that relies on fast, exact position to detect. ”

Outside dividing small controller of kernel of STM32 series Arm®Cortex®-M, the Teseo much system that these development tools still use meaning law semiconductor to examine through the market locates receiver technology, in order to execute all fixed position operations, include to dog, collect, navigation and data output.

About map data and service, system of technical company of the whole world, geographical information (the map product that orgnaization of GIS) provider, government and traffic administration rely on TomTom to offer industry to precede, development has the application of fixed position function.

* STM32 is international of meaning law semiconductor limited company or its are mixed in the European Union / or the enrollment of the related company of other place and / or not registered trade mark. Especially, STM32 is registered in bureau of American patent brand.

Arm and Cortex are Arm limited company (or its subsidiary) mix in the United States / or the registered trade mark of other place.

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