To make oneself chip, the apple opens up endowment 600 million dollar buys chip manufacturer Dialog

The apple comparatives in investment all the time big energy, make career the chip with faster, taller efficiency. Nowadays, apple forward this one strategy is stridden next (the likelihood also is the biggest one pace) . The apple will buy Dialog Semiconductor(with ready money of 300 million dollar the chip manufacturer that a headquarters is located in Europe) the partial share of the company, this company cooperates with malic company all the time since the first IPhone comes out. Buy basically besides this, the apple returns acceptance to will take out 300 million dollar, buy the business branch of Dialog the others further.

This will be up to now the apple is bought the biggest in personnel respect. As trading one part, will 300 people join an apple, 16% what hold Dialog employee sum total about. It is reported, so far, these employee already entered malic firm work.


To this this buy, the apple expresses very satisfactory. Johny Srouji of senior vice president is in technology of malic company hardware say in a statement: &Ldquo;Dialog develops a respect to having deep professional knowledge in chip, we are very glad to can have this group of brilliant engineers, our product supports all the time since they are long-term, work for the apple directly now. ”

“ the relation of we and Dialog is OK the Iphone with inchoate restrospect to, we expect to continue to maintain long-term relationship with them. ”Johny Srouji say.

This is bought trade predict to will be finished first half of the year 2019, waiting to superintend sectional approval at present.

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