The stage accumulated report to announce the major breakthrough that astonishs inside two course of study!

 Station of an acting plant accumulates the whole world report announced to concern extremely ultraviolet photoetching (two of EUV) technology breakthroughs that weigh a pound, it is to use what 7nm EUV craft finished client chip to shed a job first, 2 it is 5nm craft will begin to try in April 2019 produce. Began this year in April, the stage accumulates report craft of generation 7nm (CLN7FF/N7) devoted quantity is produced, malic A12, Hua Weiqi Lin 980, connect the Dai Ruilong below 855” of “ brave dragon, AMD high / the processor such as clouds dragon is in or will use it to make, but the deep ultraviolet light that still using a convention is engraved (DUV) technology.

And next craft of the 2nd acting 7nm (CLNFF /N7) , the stage accumulates report to will apply EUV first, be restricted only nevertheless 4 blame crucial layer, in order to reduce a risk, accelerate put into production, also lend this the Twinscan NXE of new-style photoetching machine of adroitness control ASML.

7nmEVU photograph is compared at 7nm DUV specific improve announce not more still, stage accumulating report says to be able to promote transistor density only 20% , the power comsumption below coequal frequency can reduce 6-12% .

Finish successfully on 7nm EUV craft nowadays stream piece, those who proved new technology new technology is reliable with maturity, produce for follow-up quantity laid solid foundation.


The stage accumulates report to did not divulge the chip that sheds a success this comes from which client, but the cooperation that thinks the home and each stage accumulate report concerns, guess not hard actually.

After 7nm, below stage accumulating report one station will be 5nm(CLN5FF/N5) , will be in amount to EUV of the application on 14 layers, gain ground in the round first, so-called can promote than density of 7nm craft transistor taking the place of first 80% narrow chip area thereby 45% , still can promote with power comsumption frequency 15% , the power comsumption that be the same as frequency is reduced 20% .

In April 2019, the 5nm EUV craft of stage accumulating report will begin risk sex to try produce, the quantity produces a hopeful to be in the 2nd quarter began 2020, as it happens satisfies new platform of each admiral end the year after next.

The EDA of craft of 5nm of stage accumulating report designs a tool to will be offerred in November this year, because this part client should have begun,be based on new technology to develop chip.

As semiconductor technology complication quickly, the cost that develops a quantity to produce new technology not only raises considerably, develop corresponding chip also more and more costly, at present estimation costs 150 million dollar on average, 5nm times may want 2-2.5 100 million dollars.

PS: The autumn desktop platform that Intel just released still is 14nm, and protracted long already 10nm wants to be produced to capacity of next year ability, 7nm is not within the foreseeable future, 5nm more did not carry.

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