The road that transition of AI times company innovates

Artificial intelligence (AI) go up oneself century since 50 time are to study subject by formal establish, after many ups and downs, made the central point that the whole world fixes eyes upon today eventually, become those who lead future is strategical technology. American president Aobama was in 2016 peak of forward position of the White House is released on the meeting ” research of American country artificial intelligence and development plan ” , subsequently Canada, Japan, Singapore rolls out national level in succession artificial intelligence develops the strategy. Chinese the State Council was promulgated in July 2017 ” new generation artificial intelligence develops a program ” , artificial intelligence becomes target of Chinese country strategy formally.

Release this year according to research center of policy of science and technology of Tsinghua university China ” Chinese artificial intelligence develops a report 2018 ” [0] shows, dimensions of market of Chinese artificial intelligence achieved 23.74 billion yuan 2017, relatively grew 67% 2016. Arrive from 2013 2018 the first season, of domain of Chinese artificial intelligence cast financing dimensions to occupy global 60%; up to in June 2018, measure of industry of Chinese artificial intelligence already was achieved 1, 011, be next to the United States.

AI causes exponential level to change

Artificial intelligence is transforming a company the job, management, decision-making and even the kind that compose builds business model. " the mankind brief history " and " future brief history " · He Lali ever said author blame made of baked clay Er: “ artificial intelligence will help people make more and more important decision, analyse the demand with decipher client. The development of ” artificial intelligence drove the market to be opposite the demand of new technology, open new commercial opportunity. To the enterprise character, this kind of change is meant must explore new commercial pattern and applied practice. Be in for example medical treatment domain, artificial intelligence had come true more personalized medical treatment and nurse plan; is in traffic domain, the automation rate of the car on road is higher and higher, will come true finally nobody drive; is in agricultural domain, rise farming agrarian efficiency, implement the automation of repeatability task. What use cost as artificial intelligence technology at the same time is ceaseless reduce, open a source completely even, artificial intelligence application will gain ground with each passing day, pervade the square respect aspect that solstice often lives. Artificial intelligence replaces a person to make more decision-making, help us obtain more to ponder over time, the influence that it brings will be exponential level.

AI promotes company business innovation

Presiding apparitor William Amelio has said An Fuli, of “ artificial intelligence inchoate wish scene it is to make more perfect decision-making. ”To the industry, supply catenary to will be experienced by the tremendous decay with burgeoning ecbolic technology mix, and artificial intelligence also sends force here, change the management of the enterprise and culture.

An Fuli rolled out a plan that includes nearly 450 independent items last year, aim to promote business transition and innovation. Main method is the part computer of decision-making cent admeasure, quicken flow and implementation automation thereby. Through database model implementation individuation price, automation pays and undertake manage and be forecastinged to client demand, offer for client, supplier and employee more personalized product and service.

The client is harvested accordingly quite abundant, they need not experience complex client to serve technological process, can solve all sorts of problems, then more efficient make decision-making. Bring rich profit for example the Ask Avnet platform of the line on last year July, it can know the cause and effect that client demand produces, undertake response. Although this serves to be restricted only at present,the United States is used, but service of this kind of individuation had created remarkable additional value, and this is planted additional value is met as time elapse constant growth. Which one phase in because can pass circumstances to understand a client to be in a product,developing a process, identify actively give them to may need, but the pertinent information that has not search, the education courses that comes from community for example, price and stock information or consign are periodic. At the same time the elapse as time, platform is met anew inquire and learn ceaselessly in experience, offer ceaselessly newest have an insight into, have the conversation of more high quality with the client.

In the meantime, on supplier body we also saw artificial intelligence is promoting the development of hardware and software product ceaselessly, the FPGA development that has hard code to network of AI intelligence nerve especially is covered with custom-built chip. A lot of companies are designing AI special chip. This reflected trend of a kind of mainstream, be about to move of partial intelligence sex stores entirely to brim and rather than in high in the clouds, provide the processing capability that its need for application, solve defer and cost problem thereby. In this one domain not only wind casts a large number of swarming into to back poineering company, the tycoon of science and technology such as Intel, Gu Ge, apple and Microsoft is entered actively also bureau, custom-built chip of AI of research and development.

At present the economy of artificial intelligence and social value still are in the primary level of “S curve ” . Beyond question is, AI general from go up at all the job that changes us and lifestyle. Tycoon of science and technology, poineering company and of all kinds and traditional business are entered in succession bureau, intense with each passing day market competition will expedite the development of AI technology and innovation application ceaselessly. Body part changes bureau, the company must explore new commercial pattern and innovation practice actively, the benefit in just can competing at incincible position.

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