The RF system level that brings dark beauty semiconductor to announce Sigfox attestation encloses plan to catch an industry first CE attestation

OneBody is changedSigfox SiP is optimized use at application of net of LPWAN content couplet, need not additional parts of an apparatus or attestation

The An Sen beautiful semiconductor that promotes high-energy effect innovation (ON Semiconductor, american accept Si Dake appears on the market code name: ONONAX-SIP-SFEU systemClassEnclose (SiP)Plan alreadyObtainCE attestation. ThisExpressThisParts of an apparatusThe sanitation that accords with product of the sale inside European economy area, safety and annulusProtectStandard.


AX-SIP-SFEU is offerred off-the-pegSigfox interconnection(Go up and link of be issued to lower levels) Use atNet of couplet of industrial other people applies, include Lou Yu and domestic automation and sensor and asset to dog. ThisSiPSimplify greatlySupply chain andBecause of compositive andRaise wholeParts of an apparatusQuality, itSigfOx radio IC, Of schismRF matchs, what needAllPassiveImplementWith firmwareCompositiveInPlan of a miniatureIn. This RF is sent and receive implement classics Sigfox attestation is used atRC1 area network.

AX– SIP-SFEUUse a miniature7 Mm X 9 Mm X 1 Mm unites coating diaphragm to enclose, OnlyOccupy be based onPCBOf module plan space10%, CanDeploy gets network of bounds long-range content couplet in the space(IoT)In application. Exceed design of low power comsumption, Wait for machine electric current, Morpheus electric current and electric current of deepness Morpheus mode to partOnlyFor0.55MilliampereMilliampereMA), 1.2Microamper MicroamperMA)And180AcceptHowHowNA), this makes thisParts of an apparatus can by constantUse atIoTSmall-sized batteries power supply of application.

AX-SIP-SFEUSend and receive through general asynchronous implement(UART) interface undertakesEquipment join. AT command is used at sending frame and configuration wirelessReportParameter; ToWantThe software that writes oneself withCome trueTrue odd chipThe client of plan, can makeWithApply (of process designing interfaceAPIAPIAberrant.

AnsenmeiSemiconductor industry and from the linePower source branchVice-president holds general manager concurrentlyRyan CameronSay: “AX– SIP-SFEU ObtainCEAttestationIt is long-range and wireless applicationOne is weighedProgress greatly. Since itRoll outSince, AlreadySuccessfullyMakeDesign staffForThe market offers minimum, of low power comsumptionSigfOx IoTPlan. As a result ofSiPNeed not exterior implement, HaveAll and relevantCarefulApprove andSigfOx test and verify, Reduce design risk significantly, accelerate appear on the market time, simplify supply chain. ”

An Sen beautiful semiconductor will come 25 days exhibit a stage to demonstrate in the SigFox Connect of German Berlin on October 24AX– SIP-SFEU.

Offer money

AX– SIP-SFEUUse7 Mm X 9 Mm X 1 Mm system level is enclosed (SiP). Semiconductor sale represents the Ansenmei that develops personnel to be able to contact place or the accredit agent sample that order is mixedSigFox development is covered.

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About An Sen beautiful semiconductor

Install (of dark beauty semiconductorON Semiconductor, American accept Si Dake appears on the market code name: ONONDevote oneself to to promote the innovation of high-energy effect electron, the sources of energy that makes the client can reduce the whole world is used. An Sen beautiful semiconductor is banner the plan that is based on semiconductor at supplying, offer source control of overall high-energy effect report, imitate, sensor, logistic, sequential, each other to connect odd chip of interconnection, schism, systemOffer source control of overall high-energy effect report, imitate, sensor, logistic, sequential, each other to connect odd chip of interconnection, schism, systemSoCSoCReach battle array of custom-built parts of an apparatus. The product of the company helps an engineer solve them to be inElectron of car, communication, computer, consumption, industry, medical treatment, aviation and national defence applyunique design challenge. Company operation acumen, reliable, world’s top-ranking supply catenary and character project, strong abide by the law plan with ethic, reach the crucial market operation that is in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific area to include agency of manufactory, sale and the business network that design a center inside. More information asks a visitHttp://

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