The influence of net of exploration content couplet to innovation

The influence of net of exploration content couplet to innovation

10 years ago, before content couplet net makes popular statement, company of heart state apparatus has a simple originality, personnel of hair of get out of the way is OK easily will complex radio engineering (if Wi-Fi®) is added to its embedded applying in the program. This one foreground is exciting. Wireless join opens the client that is us new entrance door, help them collect data and provide varied new service.

This resembles be in World-Wide-Web inchoate, the sky is the limit that people can reach at that time. Wi-Fi is a kind of simple technology alternative, can using anyplace almost, need not main network management. Nowadays, by tens of thousands company use Wi-Fi regards connective as the foundation. Nevertheless, head for when the engineer of heart state apparatus when meet with the client and entering industry activity, they often still hear a question: Of content couplet net whether is flying hasten of general trends place?

This problem cannot only simple answer “ is ” or “ is not ” . Equipment of people hope electron has wireless function. Investment of net of large content couplet is in everyday happen, a few enterprises held water to develop a center and note endowment billions of dollar is in this domain. Company of traditional blame electron network is proposing strategy of content couplet net in compose. However, we see only minority is in truly the applied process of transition or new service. Transition of no less than changes period often happens in that way, people hope transition changes can happen earlier. And when should changing to come eventually, its influence often is exceeded anticipate. This is the thing that we think content couplet net will happen. Fictitious join every project and the ability that collect data are one kind changes. This one concept overturns likely old market and commercial pattern. Real innovation is how to use the data kimono Wu that dependency product place supports to enlarge oneself value. A lot of products will be passed the join that adds these new level and cloud serve and be benefited, and these products include very few electron product only on traditional sense. Product of sex of this kind of innovation includes doorbell, lock, constant temperature implement, vacuum and electric equipment. Use these technologies times of content couplet net to will need to come from the support of many engineering divisions, and the new knowledge that develops these product place to need.

The influence of net of exploration content couplet to innovation

Above all, the electrician Cheng branch of the company needs to get promotion, best can increase a few radio frequency (RF) engineer, the help answers the challenge related to Wi-Fi or technology of other radio frequency. The challenge that radio frequency place faces is design feeling, dovish sex and function not only, still depend on a product needing to be mixed through the standard superintendency attestation.

After solving hardware to design, still have software problem. As the addition of product complexity, arrive from rock-bottom firmware network (process of TCP / IP) , application (include shift application program) with user interface, the product increases quickly to the demand of software.

In addition, product need receives the cloud repeatedly with steady pattern, this need learns new agreement, for example message alignment telemetering is transmitted and whole cloud applies, and the other provision that concerned data is collected and stores, these regulations because country / area and different.

Finally but perhaps be security of the most important —— of a problem. Provide enough security crucial to the success of single product, also be such to whole industry. The challenge of safe respect was reflecting afore-mentioned mentioned content. These challenges covered all levels of product of content couplet network, mix to equipment social estate from radio frequency the cloud. You still must consider to develop a process each medium measure is safe.

To most sortie the company of this one domain, they must master and manage a lot of new technologies, ability is made piece brand-new, provide new product of network of couplet of content of productive “Hello World” . Most company has realized a product of complete content couplet network is how complex, and of involved range wide, this makes clear, they are in the brim of Hello World.

A lot of companies that released a product the first round can be mixed in development basic training a large number of energy were thrown on infrastructure, so that they do not have enough time to develop Wu of kimono of innovation sex function, and this is final will be the place that the company discovers total value. Mix the 2nd times when we are entering a product at present the 3rd times iteration, increasing the complete and compositive solution that has true intelligence character will appear in succession. This will change a lot of our foregone today fields truly.

Company of heart state apparatus removes a lot of obstacle that above alludes in effort all the time, so that our client can concentrate energy,undertake innovating. The module that this includes to use course attestation will simplify radio frequency design, use cloud plug-in unit is installed beforehand will perfect a software development tool to wrap (SDK) , provide the integrated function that is based on hardware, support carries the security of end. We will see the tremendous innovation of intelligent artifacts, gaining headway in the visit of these domain data and analysis.

The industry is being advanced to investment of content couplet net amain, but we had not seen any progress. When having results truly, we believe it can lead the next level of industrial revolution us.

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