The cornerstone that talent education is semiconductor development, new pattern of Chongqing development semiconductor

27 days, semiconductor of two rivers new developed area produces the Chongqing that limited company of investment of semiconductor of deep harbor of the sea before Shenzhen invests learn to grind base is formal practice, will groom from the talent, the many sided such as fund of industrial hatch, semiconductor is promotedChongqing semiconductorFurther progress of the industry.



Before this, many semiconductor produce base settle Chongqing. 2013, semiconductor of Beijing east group shows parts of an apparatus produces one of base settle Chongqing. 2016, the printed circuit with banner whole world board manufacturer Aotesi Chongqing factory put into production, chongqing becomes the first semiconductor of Chinese to enclose support plate to produce base. Last year in December, china embellish microelectronics (Chongqing) limited company in Chongqing garden of Xi Yongwei report hangs out his shingle hold water, future will make China’s biggest power semiconductor research and development create base.



All the time since, chongqing is the ground of layout of integrated circuit key that the country plans. In last few years, the group that carries perpendicular conformity develops pattern, chongqing had formed design of section of raw material, monocrystalline silicon, IC, IC to make, the integrated circuit industry of the much norms that encloses form a complete set of test, industry, whole technological process system. According to Chongqing statistic bureau public data shows, this year first half of the year, chongqing bazaar realizes production value into circuit industry 8.11 billion yuan, grow 27% compared to the same period; Crop 259 million, grow 7.5% compared to the same period.


“ although integrated circuit industry is preliminary already form enclothe chip design, make, enclose wait for link of entire industry chain, but actually fragile, this is the characteristic that Chongqing also is the whole nation. ”9 month 27 days, in Chongqing city integrated circuit technology innovates forum of height of strategic alliance person with ability (next weighing forum of height of integrated circuit talent) on, xu Zhipeng of section chief of new and high department says council of Chongqing city science and technology.


Below the big trend that “ changes in area of upcountry of electronic Information Industry, chongqing will lie position of new industrial situation axes, development of electronic Information Industry cannot leave semiconductor. The develops to cannot leave a talent to foster again cornerstone of semiconductor industry and industry popular science this soil. In this two respects, we shift to an earlier date layout. ”Semiconductor of deep harbor of the sea before Shenzhen invests Yang Lihua of limited company president to say.



Talent education is cornerstone




On September 27, by Chongqing city two rivers new developed area is in charge of appoint the semiconductor that semiconductor of deep harbor of the sea before meeting and Shenzhen invests limited company to invest build jointly is produced learn to grind base is formal practice, the institute of CSEMI integrated circuit of this base (CSEMI IC Education Academy, integrated circuit calls the institute below) gave lessons that day. Gross area of institute of this integrated circuit amounts to 2000 more than square metre, can hold 300 or so students.


The reporter sees in the spot, nearly 200 came from manage of university of Chongqing university, Chongqing traffic university, Chongqing post and telecommunications, Chongqing be versed in the college student such as the university is participated in that day. Yang Lihua introduces, did not come 5 years, institute of integrated circuit institute will foster 10000 semiconductor professional of the left and right sides for Chongqing, at the same time will with southwest institute of each courtyard school, profession proposes semiconductor and integrated circuit application in all relevant solid example base.


As we have learned, the special training course of institute of CSEMI integrated circuit will enclothe semiconductor whole industry catenary, course involves a design development, craft, enclose, each domains such as the test, open class, custom-built class, network grooms, mix groom etc, groom the object includes teacher, engineer, government and business management personnel, groom the relevant talent that approachs level of enterprise choose and employ persons most.


So, regard “ Gao Jingduan as the industry of ” , what kind of talented person does integrated circuit enterprise need after all?


The Beijing that is engaged in chip industry 20 years recalls author of limited company of core science and technology to held CEO Shen Fei concurrently to raise two big levels: Be in harmony collects the study ability of He Chaojiang of be well versed in. “ is taken but for language of description of process designing hardware, everybody uses probably endless and identical, no matter be to use VHDL it may not be a bad idea, still be Verilog HDL, want to find among them general character only, can draw inferences about other cases from one instance. ”He says, 10-15 year it is essential industry is accumulated. Employee is not screw, however can of take charge of a department alone only ability or can each link “ hold the post of get through superintend and director a universal genius of ” of 2 arteries and veins. Beijing recalls core 2015 the bottom holds water, finish A annulus financing 16 years. Rolled out business of domestic head money to use NVMe SSD advocate accuse chip STAR1000 and the quantity produces shipment.


Regard person with ability of integrated circuit industry as the main force of education, the college also is being explored.


Be in early 2010, university of Chongqing post and telecommunications established institute of Chongqing international semiconductor. To solve a talent education and business demand “ are out of line the problem of ” , the much home company such as acoustical photoelectricity limited company signed the subsidiary Chongqing of institute of Chongqing international semiconductor and group of Chinese electron science and technology agreement, regard academic fact as example base with the enterprise, undertake to the student high-end major technology grooms take advanced courses, the talent grooms be united in wedlock with company project.


Same, enter look forward to to introduce school talent, SK of Korea of tycoon of semiconductor memory industry Hailishi Chongqing factory established “SK in university of Chongqing post and telecommunications Hailishi creates talent fellowship ” . Begin from 2014, successive 5 years, this enterprise offers 100 thousand yuan every year to undertake aiding financially to 20 students.


“ college develops integrated circuit property, often ” investment is large, yield low “ . ”9 month 27 days, zhou Xichuan of assistant dean of Chongqing university microelectronics and communication project college expresses on forum of height of integrated circuit talent. He thinks, to the student, the enterprise embeds the technology inchoate talent is fostered in, can let a student participate in design and make, finished product can be used at company production directly. To the enterprise, behave outstanding student to be able to be inducted by the enterprise directly, make the one one’s share of the enterprise.


Current, chongqing university microelectronics and communication project institute already with Hua Runwei electron (Chongqing) limited company, medium the enterprise such as limited company of photoelectricity of sound of Chongqing of electric division group began talent collaboration to develop the strategy.


According to reporter understanding, from semiconductor manufacturing base arrives produce learn to grind union, new semiconductor of two rivers new developed area produces the Chongqing that hold water learn to grind base and what differ before is, still will be in raise fund undertake innovating on means. This base with Chongqing fund of investment of two rivers estate cooperates, the program creates two semiconductor fund, namely fund of illicit collect angel and fund of investment of semiconductor industry equity. Yang Lihua discloses, the dimensions of fund will exceed one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan.



Industry popular science is soil




“ public begins to realize the importance of chip is to be after resurgence incident. Be in early 2014, of print and distribute of the State Council ” development of estate of national integrated circuit advances compendium ” value level with respect to what body revealed national level, but lie between with the masses too far. ”Xu Shiliu of chairman of reputation of association of semiconductor of city of Chongqing city Electronic Society director, Chongqing city Electronic Society director, Chongqing says on forum of height of integrated circuit talent.


Yang Lihua also expresses, development of Chinese semiconductor industry is swift and violent in recent years, but progress of science of public half-and-half conductor and industry collect the decisive effect that has understanding is very little, breed an industry to develop soil to appear very important. Introduce according to him, the semiconductor of two rivers new developed area that sea deep harbor invests before is produced learn to grind base will make the scientific shop that southwest gives priority to a problem first times with semiconductor in Chongqing, predicting next year opened to the outside world in March.


“ is in home of Europe United States, the education of integrated circuit is brought into middle and primary school gives birth to course. The meaning that I hope house of Chongqing semiconductor science and technology exists is: Middle and primary school is inborn popular science, can lay a seed to stride this domain is planted in the future. To the undergraduate, pass popular science knowledge model education, let them realize this major has very big development perspective. ” Yang Lihua expresses when accepting a reporter to interview.


He says to the reporter, unlike big and the house of science and technology of extensive, house of Chongqing semiconductor science and technology mixes itself of catenary of focusing semiconductor industry application, go explaining the position of industry of electronic Information Industry, big data from the angle of chip. At the appointed time, popular science explains a course is channel of entrance hall, days, technological process, product is revealed respectively, strategy of chip application, country and future of science and technology. The gradual progress of the anybody that gets on half-and-half conductor history, major event and semiconductor industry changes days channel, do an overall situation comb and appear. As to the technological process of semiconductor, house of science and technology will be in holographic the workshop undertakes chain of whole production technology reveal.


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