The complete chip set that MACOM will show industry head money to support 200G and 400G smooth module on CIOE and ECOC 2018 solution

August 2018, ell of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of city of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai – MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”) is the banner supplier of high-powered radio frequency, microwave, millimeter wave and photon solution, the complete chip set of the 200G that faces a service to apply at cloud data center at announcing the spot demonstrates industry head money now and provider of 400G CWDM smooth module solution. This solution support realizes 200G below the total power comsumption under 4.5W module and issueing implementation 400G module under the total power comsumption under 9W, this conduces to the power efficiency that precedes through ensuring the complete imitate framework of extremely small delay time will realize industry, in the meantime, compare with the product photograph that is based on DSP, can offer the alternative of lower cost.

Of MACOM complete the PAM-4 data rate that send and receives a solution to be as high as 53 Gbps with every passageway moves, was aimed at 200G QSFP56 and 400G QSFP-DD and OSFP module application to undertake optimizing. Demonstrate to 200G, the silicon photon integrated circuit that this solution includes 4 passageways of MAOM-38051 to send CDR and modulator driver and built-in MAOP-L284CN CWDM L-PIC™(to use compositive CW laser) the MAOT-025402 TOSA of transmitter, sink has built-in multichannel solution answer is used implement 4 passageways of 4 passageways TIA and MASC-38040 receive MATA-03819 of detector of photoelectricity of MAOR-053401 ROSA, BSP56B CDR. High-powered MACOM solution can realize this kind of combined-type low pile up by accident rate (BER) and excel 1E-8 beforehand error correction (Pre-FEC) .

“MACOM devotes oneself to to lead data center to interrelate to develop to 200G and 400G from 100G, only we just can carry this body to precede for having the market the set of complete 200G chip of function and power efficiency reachs TOSA/ROSA component solution now, say of Gary Shah of vice president of line of business of ”MACOM high-powered simulation. “ have the aid of this one solution, hopeful of smooth module supplier from without in seaming package each other to operate gender and unified support group, be benefited, reduce the complexity of the design and cost thereby, accelerate a product to appear on the market at the same time speed. ”

Be about to all MACOM product that in 200G spot the key in demonstrating introduces all can be a client to offer sample now, these products will have production at the beginning of 2019. The client can choose component course solution or TOSA/ROSA component class solution.

MACOM will on September 5 – the fair of China International photoelectricity that holds 8 days in Chinese Shenzhen (the #1A32 of CIOE) is exhibited on and on September 24 – 26 days of Europe that hold in Italian Rome correspond solely the conference (the #579 of ECOC) is exhibited on the spot demonstrates his solution of complete imitate 200G

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