System of link of Coeur CST tall electric current

Unique float design support inserts the nondestructive injury between needle and electrical outlet to receive insert

The Coeur CST tall electricity that Molex provides innovation interrelates system, have unique new bobber design, can adjust incorrect insert the distance between needle and electrical outlet together, convenient PCB and PCB, PCB and generatrix are marvellous, or between bus club and bus club receive insert, and be in this process and cause to socket without excessive stress damage.

System of link of Coeur CST tall electric current

Jeff Gaumer of manager of product of Molex whole world expresses: “ should join two rigid PCB board or when bus club, insert needle and electrical outlet to be opposite completely very hard neat. In Coeur CST tall electric current interrelates in the system, our design allows whole core electrical outlet package is mobile inside exterior crust, prevent potential pressure to be caused to contact greatly too damage. “ this makes the good choice that Coeur CST makes need bobber pack applied domain to distribution machinery. ”

Outside the axial float that provides 1.00mm besides this kind of unique carburettor float design, coeur CST tall electric current interrelates the system is very compact also on dimension, make board right board hand in fold outline low to 5.00mm, do not need to be being handed in fold board upper part or lower part have big protuberant. The electrical outlet that the system still provides two kinds of model is respectively take or do not take float function.

Agile, the Coeur CST tall electric current that can expand interrelates the system provides the 30 electricity to 200.0A, offer extensive configuration, in order to get used to PCB, bus line club and electrical wiring solution. Much contact dot can optimize electric function. Electrical outlet of factor of all CST form (3.4, 6 use identical general contact design with 8.00mm) .

The string is right board will include terminal of crimp of fair, mother to solution of line Coeur CST with the line, odd platoon discharges crust with how, option, automatic latch, face plate is broken to install after having feeling safety, conjugate to arrive first option, perpendicular with orthogonal configuration, and PCB and installation of bus line club are heading option.

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