Stock of Intel of 10nm craft be difficult to do demotes again

Regard an industry as the tycoon, intel has bit of fleeting time recently adverse, active transition while PC and server base camp suffer AMD insanity nibble however, house leakage slants meet rain of the same night, oneself 10nm new technology cannot be measured tardy again produce. Ruijiejin group of be in harmony (the order and degree that Chris Caso of Raymond James) analyst dropped Intel share today, from keep balance grail instead under grail.

Intel share price drops immediately subsequently, drop amount to 2.13 % .

Chris Caso emphasizes saying, intel is current the biggest strategy question is10nm craftDefer, the ability after predicting to want sees the server chip of Intel 10nm craft, and adversary people had entered 7nm in succession, the table of Long Ping of clouds of EPYC of the 2nd acting server that AMD will issue 7nm craft in next year.

Meanwhile, whole industry situation is not quite good also. Chris Caso supplied catenary to visit in the Asia think one week later, semiconductor industry had been entered periodic drop level.

Intel also made a response one time to this, say Intel product requirement is exuberant first half of the year this year, PC market excel anticipates, intel can create battalion 3 years to receive a record continuously, also can continue dedicated market, be in second half of the year brings exciting new product this year.


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