Shipment measured small size face plate to appear in of different level glide

Although the 3rd quarter is traditional sale busy season, but the face plate manufacturer of Chinese Taiwan area besides group achieve besides, of other firm in volume of shipment of small size face plate appeared of different level glide.

Among them, with in brilliant of the Hua Ying that sale of small size face plate gives priority to, colour its battalion of the 3rd quarter closes is more relatively ebb somewhat at the 2nd quarter.

In busy season of small size face plate not flourishing

From the point of specific data, the 3rd quarter, friendly in amounting to, volume of shipment of small size face plate is 42.56 million, reduce 6.1%; Hua Ying to give money amount to be 72.53 million than the 2nd quarter, reduce volume of shipment of 6.6%; colour brilliant to be one hundred and seventeen million three hundred and thirty thousand about, reduce 1.3%; to have only group achieve shipment to measure 74.6 million, increased 9.2% .

Shipment measured small size face plate to appear in of different level glide

As we have learned, appear a of this one circumstance main reason depends on, shipment of smartphone face plate not flourishing.

TrendForce photoelectricity considers to express, occurrence busy season of smartphone face plate not flourishing, have two reasons: The first, 4G mobile phone enters product tacit agreement, add the technology with the new lack on the market, bring about smartphone demand to be shown slightly not weak. In the meantime, the market demand of burgeoning country, last as a result of the dollar strong, cause devaluation, affect consumer purchasing power thereby.

The 2nd, the product combination of Taiwan manufacturer is put in the problem with particular move. At present the mainstream trend of the market is replace LTPS with OLED, LTPS turns and oppressive A-si market. And at present, amount of shipment of manufacturer of Taiwan face plate is the largest remain A-si, although also have LTPS face plate, but no matter be product competition ability,still produce the competitor that can not catch up with the other area such as Japan, Korea far.

Taiwan face plate or lean lot of Mini LED add

Current, amount to like friend, group achieve these enterprises to be in technology of positive development Mini LED, try to search a different outlet. As we have learned, friendly Da Hequn is achieved wait to predict Mini LED bestows favor on those who make video newly.

TrendForce points out, because Mini LED has the tall indication effect of tall brightness, tall contrast, can show with OLED contend, because this shows level to already guided to the vision the effect asks higher theater displays screen, and the family expenses market such as domestic movie theater.

relatively display screen at the LED of initiative smooth type, mini LED is in a poor light monitor changes to be fundamental illuminant with blue smooth chip, more unbleached than RGB3 LED is more cheap on cost, will more organic meeting infiltrates the La Hai that consumes monitor, application will cover mobile phone, flat, desk to go up model monitor, car uses monitor and TV to wait be in a poor light monitor.

TrendForce predicts, mini LED is after development is mature 2018, will at 2019~2020 year enter high speed to develop level, production value will reach 1.699 billion dollar 2022. And in those days or the superexcellent opportunity that is life of add of manufacturer of Taiwan face plate.

As we have learned, friend amounts to a program, the bottom rolls out the face plate of electric contest monitor that uses Mini LED to carry illuminant on the back this year, still can roll out; of face plate of jotter of contest of Mini LED report next group achieve besides public monitor is rolled out first by this year (outside PID)Mini LED face plate, next year the 2nd quarter will roll out face plate of Mini LED TV.

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