Shine put chip price to drop transcend market of China of race to control of 50% abroad tycoon

In recent years, because be used at the memory chip of center of smartphone, data to upgrade quickly, showed the demand that puts chip to appear to grow continuously, bring about Shan Cunxin piece demand exceeds supply continuously. Shine put market price case to rise ceaselessly, after through a year the violent wind of half rises, begin to show the value that puts chip to glide suddenly from this year. At present market condition how?

Shine put

Shine put chip price to drop exceed 50% order sale to appear break up time

Mass troops is engaged in shining put product trade already very old, when interview he tells a reporter, show those who put chip before two years to rise in price prices, no matter be,go up a time that still lasts is unprecedented. Mass troops says frankly, face raw material cost rise, they are consumed kind unit price of terminal product guest also can rise subsequently only, bring about this two years to shine put the sale that consumes kind of product to appear to drop considerably.

Shenzhen acute benevolence mass troops of general manager of limited company of science and technology: 2016, the cost of raw material rose actually 50% to 60% , 2017, raw material rises continuously 30% to 40% above. Whole 2016 descendent sheet tastes sales volume to be in 40% above, the sales volume that dropped 2017, 30% above dropped on the foundation 2016. When it is the most difficult to be in, it is flour more expensive than biscuit.

But those who let mass troops expect be less than is, the sales volume that he still was putting a product to shine last year is gloomy and be anxious, because show those who put chip value,glide continuously however this year, order increases ceaselessly, enterprise at a draught so busy that cannot leave hand in.

Shenzhen acute benevolence mass troops of general manager of limited company of science and technology: Arrive from the beginning of the year now, had had the fall of the guest unit price of 40% , the capability that consumer accepts is stronger and stronger, very big to promoting the help of sales volume. We beforehand appraise is whole this year sheet tastes sales volume, can rise normally than last year 30% above.

Liang Liang’s enterprise also is in rise in price sufferred two years hard in tide, they basically are to be in Beijing east and clean out the network channel sale such as treasure to consume kind of U dish product, so a month about million raises common U dish shipment volume, dropped before two years 6 into the left and right sides. Broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure of these two years of their companies, fall cost to lowest as far as possible, should await namely this year of the price drop.

Liang Liang tells a reporter, shined last year put chip to rise considerably besides the price beyond, still appear in each current channel the circumstance of global be in short supply, and the raw material price this year drops continuously, made their enterprise new see dawn.

Shenzhen city bridge believes Liang Liang of general manager of limited company of science and technology: Last year second half of the year, the computer U of 64G dish, should sell 140 yuan, 150 yuan, basic this year be 50 yuan, 60 yuan. This year, the high capacity of 32GB above, because the price drops range is very big, so sales volume basically turned over double above, the Xiaorong under 32GB is measured, similar sales volume turned over one times above.

Shine before two years those who put chip value is flying rise, make downstream terminal manufacturer is immersed in show those who put chip to grab goods tide, use shine put shipment of more downstream enterprise user to all be affected.

Feng Li’s enterprise basically is how production prevents supervisory equipment, they have 30 million networks every year to photograph want shipment like the head, and the demand of capacity of 18EB monitoring hard disk, memory gets stuck and the capacity size of memory is attached most importance to especially to appearing for them should. As a result of whole produce can the raw material of the market is nervous, ceaseless promotion also allows guest unit price their prediction of a person’s luck in a given year partial client. And the situation takes a favourable turn greatly this year, order is climbed considerably litre.

Zhejiang is big China domestic sale center shows Feng Li of the chief inspector that keep a department: Arrived 2016 2017, 30% above dropped before whole demand is compared basically possibly, whole this year the be issued to lower levels as the price, demand is fulminic growth. From the capacity, have 64G, 128G even the demand of 256G appears, from the point of sale, it is the growth toward a such 50% data.

Former plant 3D shines put chip to yield increase iteration of technology of memory capacity drive

So, shine this year put chip market to drop greatly what is the reason of backside after all?

Cai Huabo, had been in memory domain deep ploughing near 20 years, show the cost that puts chip to drop this year, the order that lets their product also broke up a few times. Cai Huabo expresses, below the stimulation that glides ceaselessly in value of high capacity product, the demand of hard disk of market solid state is upgrading to higher capacity. Since this year, the sales volume of hard disk of their 256G solid state follows photograph of the corresponding period had exceeded 50% than growing last year.

The personage inside course of study expresses, begin from 2016, the whole world shines greatly each put chip manufacturer to begin a technology to upgrade in succession, turn to 3D to shine by 2D put technical technology.

Shining put a technology changeover period, shine put chip market to produce can demand exceeds supply, shine put chip price to appear throughout history is the greatest and continuously the longest rising is periodic. But to 2018, shine as 3D put a technology to appear to develop quickly, samSung already began a quantity to produce 96 3D to shine put chip, this year Toshiba of second half of the year, western data also announces to produce the amount 96 QLC to shine put grain, shan Cunxin piece the price considerably fall after a rise.

Integrated circuit of Chinese semiconductor guild designs branch vice-president Zhoumingsheng: Roll out the technology with new generation, old technique can depreciate. One is the market that promotes his new product is had rate, compare because of new marketability price tall, also can hold back new competitor at the same time enter, the cost that lets them is higher, the profit space that lets them is less, this is the effect that has a Shuang Renjian.

Advocate accused the competition between the factory to also be immersed in hassle. A few days ago, marvell, Hui Rong, group couplet announce whole set controls chip to support QLC framework in the round, what roll out many high-powered, high capacity at the same time is embedded memory solution.

Group Pan Jian of president of couplet electron Inc. becomes: Of traditional hard disk turn rate, probably one second can be accessed hundreds of times very fierce, we are this to arrive so called 10 thousand. We are highest it is above a certain application, can one second is accessed 600 thousand times. So from jump 1000 times 100 times directly, this basically is used in this server above.

Gou Jiazhang of president of Inc. of intelligent flourish science and technology: There are two big firms to had begun a quantity to produce in the United States at present now, next year we expect to be in all shining to put big plant, the quantity produces the QLC in 96 pile, before the end of next year. We leave the UFS product line of generation. The content that adds it for the mobile phone namely puts an amount. The 2nd is namely above our solid state hard disk.

Perspective of industry of memory of country of market of China of foreign tycoon race to control is wide

As we have learned, the demand with the biggest chip of Chinese since memory person, the concentration that also is industry of global mobile communication, IT produces base. Enhance manufacturing industry competition ability to can be in China, and can more the demand that apace answers Chinese market, shine since 2018 put chip former plant to build factory, raise the quota in China the motion such as investment is constant.

Zhu Haixiang is the controller of department of market of manufacturer of some international hard disk, he tells a reporter, in last few years they were increased march the pace of Chinese market, solid state hard disk is set in and other places of Shanghai, Shenzhen or check a factory. Look in them, chinese market this big cake has become indispensable.

Western Zhu Haixiang of vice president of department of data product market: China because population is huge, the data demand that generates so is very big. Be in China so, we can invest more resource.

Gou Jiazhang of president of Inc. of intelligent flourish science and technology: At present Chinese market is in we are complete company near 25% to 30% , make an appointment with than growing last year 20% .

This year in July, the 96 3D Shan Cunxin that SamSung and Toshiba rolled out oneself already formally piece product, the international such as beautiful light, Shan Di, Intel is famous chip manufacturer also in succession follow-up. Meanwhile, industry of Chinese homebred memory also is increasing the investment that technical research and development upgrades, shorten ceaselessly the distance between as big as international plant. This year, 32 3D show generation of domestic put a technology to had finished research and development to undertake be measuringed in a small way yield.

Banquet of couplet of memory of the Yangtse River is presiding apparitor Cheng Weihua: That now the 2nd acting technology 64 research and development, be among great progress, we predict next year second half of the year can enter a quantity 64 layers to produce.

Data of association of special equipment industry shows Chinese electron, chinese semiconductor sale grew 18.3% in January 2018, have increase a current continuously. 2018 – equipment of homebred 2020 integrated circuit sells year all increase rate will exceed 15% . To 2020 sale will achieve 5 billion yuan or so.






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