Ruzhuoli will attend 2018 China International key of electric car conference reveals the most advanced batteries to diagnose a technology

Ruzhuoli continues to build business in Chinese market, for fast growth automobile industry offers cent to sell and advisory service

Ruzhuoli (the 2018 China International that Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH) will attend to be held in exhibition of Shanghai world rich at coming 23 days on October 22 are dynamoelectric car conference (EVTec 2018) . This conference is held at was being organized first 2017, chinese place is had in reflecting the Chinese car trade that car of ” of new energy resources of electric car and “ is expanding flourishingly.

On 2018 EVTec conference, ruzhuoli Andreas Mangler of strategic sale chief inspector will on October 23 (conference the next day) those who publish a problem to be used at condition of real time health to analyse for “ is advanced board the speech that records batteries to diagnose ” , regard a technology as branch (4) one part, speech time is 12:00-12:30.

To the driver of electric car and motorcade administrator, the capacity that evaluates battery unit, charge condition (SoC) and health (the real function condition of SoH) (SoX) , and batteries monitoring, life is forecasted, balance of management of moving strategy, quantity of heat, batteries, batteries ageing and big electric current charge to run the state that waits for other respect circularly, it is very important.

Andreas Mangler of strategic sale chief inspector expresses Ruzhuoli: Diesel locomotive of “ no less than need is accurate evaluate specific fuel consumption, electric car also needs accurate evaluate use charge completely batteries is OK the distance of travel, and batteries is in certain run a condition to fall can the time of add boat. Same, accurate knowledge when does the batteries in an electric car need to retire, transfer utility next (the likelihood is stationary store can systematic) , very will important to commercial pattern of future. ”

If where,the speech of Mr Mangler will explain the implementation inside existing car framework is advanced board carry batteries to diagnose a function, and how to measure implementation State-of-X to analyse according to what batteries communicates impedance.

In addition, ruzhuoli serves as the sponsor of 2018EVTec, still will exhibit in road-sense of Shanghai international future (FUMOTec 2018)A002 date is exhibited on ginseng exhibit. Before here second ginseng is met, ruzhuoli already was held elsewhere in China and Asia a series of run a system about batteries (the seminar activity of BMS) , and BMS is dynamoelectric Che Li the focal point that ionic batteries runs.

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