Ruzhuoli joins exhibit German Munich electron exhibited 2018: Advocate exhibit a 24 (Rutronik24) of C3-312 He Ruzhuo force to exhibit a C4-434

Global electron yuan parts of an apparatus divides the Ruzhuoli that sell business (Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH) will on November 13 (Tuesday) to on November 16 (on Friday) hold in German Munich German Munich electron was exhibited 2018 (the key on Electronica 2018) reveals 4 themes, include the current condition that offer money, security, industry 4 with batteries management. Ruzhuoli will be exhibited in C3-312 and C4-434 reveal on 16 different bar face AUTOMOTIVE, EMBEDDED, POWER and SMART the product of market of these 4 perpendicular fractionize.

Presiding apparitor Thomas Rudel expresses Ruzhuoli: Electron of “ Germany Munich is exhibited is industry banner industry is exhibited meeting, it is one of the largest window that attract worldwide attention this year undoubtedly. We hope to look around exhibiting the professional audience of the meeting to reveal us is knowledge broad and profound and reliable partner, and show the emphasis our professional knowledge —— mix in security, digitlization especially the popular topic side such as batteries management. Munich electron exhibits Germany to still can serve as the platform that be discussed with client and supplier and establishs cooperative relationship. Beyond question, we still will discuss the circumstance that passive component is in short supply and its effect. We do not plan to conceal this phenomenon! ”

Of 16 acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person reveal bar

Profit from its are tall the field application engineer of aptitude (FAE) and product manager group, ruzhuolike arrives from conception with be being offerred for the client the overall advisory service that produces end item. What Ruzhuoli will belong to platform of Rutronik24 electron business affairs in C4 exhibition hall is small-sized exhibit a C4-434 to set 16 different bar to undertake revealing to this, the product that content includes to face AUTOMOTIVE of market of 4 perpendicular fractionize, EMBEDDED, POWER and SMART demonstrates, include safe coffee plane, have the heat that forecasts a gender to maintain a function board with software wireless demonstrate to wait a moment.

The supplier rests area

C3 exhibition hall is located in in Ruzhuoli of 312 advocate exhibit on, the “ supplier that supplier partner will be in much home to be established alone for its rests area ” shows their newest innovation product, expedite senior business personnel respectful welcome the presence that exhibits meeting audience.

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