Predict dimensions of market of our country sensor will achieve 147.2 billion yuan 2018

At present our country already had the company of many 2000 production that is engaged in sensor and research and development, be engaged in small system development, production among them have many 50. In the meantime, sensor is applied increasingly to each domains of social progress and human life, like technology of project of modernization of industrial automation, agriculture, space technology, military affairs, robot, resource development, ocean is explored, the environment is monitored, safety is guarded, medical treatment is diagnosed, traffic is carried, electric home appliances<gj.

Global sensor market maintains rapid growth


In recent years, global sensor market maintains rapid growth all the time, mixed 2009 growth rate amounted to 20% above 2010. Sufferred the effect that global economy glides 2011, sensor market increasing ratio glided 2010 5% , market dimensions is 82.8 billion dollar. As global market anabiosis stage by stage, dimensions of global sensor market already reached 95.2 billion dollar 2012, arrived dimensions of global sensor market was 105.5 billion dollar about 2013. Improve as the abidance of economic environment, the market will be perpetual to the demand of sensor grow in quantity, dimensions of global sensor market broke through 170 billion dollar 2016, add fast achieve 9.7% . End dimensions of market of sensor of end whole world restrained 190 billion dollar 2017.

Analysis of dimensions of Chinese sensor market is forecasted

Academy of industry of the look up before occupying releases ” foreground of development of sensor production industry and investment forecast an analysis to report ” statistical data shows, dimensions of Chinese sensor market was 99.5 billion yuan 2015, grow 15% compared to the same period. Arrived 2016, dimensions of Chinese sensor market achieved 112.6 billion yuan, grow 13.2% compared to the same period. End growth of dimensions of market of end China sensor was about 130 billion yuan 2017. Predict dimensions of market of our country sensor will achieve 147.2 billion yuan 2018, did not come 5 years (2018-2022) year all compound increase rate is about 12.13% , predicted dimensions of Chinese sensor market will achieve 232.7 billion yuan 2022.

Chinese sensor appears on the market first half of the year company battalion closes, analysis of profit TOP10 statistic

In 2018 Chinese sensor appears on the market first half of the year company battalion receives pop chart in, before 10 enterprise is inspected for Haikangwei respectively, greatly China electron of share, song Er share, spaceflight, aegis installs environment, Hua Tianke Electromechanical of ability, spaceflight, fill and resource. Among them, hai Kangwei inspects battalion to close the first, 2018 battalion receives twenty billion eight hundred and seventy-six million yuan first half of the year, battalion restrains growth 26.92% .

1, policy profit is good promote sensor development

In recent years, the government came on stage " development of estate of national integrated circuit advances compendium " , " China is made 2025 " , " the State Council about boosting net of “ content couplet actively + the directive opinion that ” acts " wait for national strategy, promoted the development of content couplet net and sensor.

May 2017, industry letter ministry was released ” intelligent sensor industry acts 3 years guideline (2017-2019 year) ” , net of couplet of focusing intelligence terminal, content, intelligence is made, the key application domain such as car electron, ability of supply of product of the high end in promoting effectively, drove industry of sensor of our country intelligence to accelerate development. Overall objective is, predict 2019, industry of sensor of our country intelligence obtains apparent breakthrough, industrial modes of life and relation to their environment is relatively perfect, emerge in large numbers gives the international with stronger capability of a batch of innovation advanced company, technical level promotes steadily, product structure is optimized ceaselessly, supply ability rises effectively. Basically involve 3 aspects: It is industrial dimensions expands quickly; 2 it is innovation ability enhances; significantly 3 it is zoology system is perfected basically. In national policy support energetically below, hopeful of enterprise of native land sensor promotes a technology to shoot more market share thereby.

2, industry of content couplet network grows precondition

Generally speaking, content couplet net differentiates to be mixed for perceptive layer, network layer normally on the structure applied layer 3 parts. Among them, feel a fountainhead that collects as data, it is the foundation that content couplet net realizes. In perceptive layer, the mainest component is various sensor.

In industry of content couplet network drive below, smartphone, can apparel, hardware of virtual reality, intelligence, video is alternant gain ground with what how defend technology of communication of monitoring, robot, 3G/4G, and they and the interconnection each other that live in the life are connected, opened brand-new space and brand-new user experience move for people, these are the heat domains of sensor application.

In industrial domain, intelligent chemical plant, number chemical plant needs huge intelligent facility likewise, of the means such as the application of big data, long-range monitoring popularize application to also be opposite the data of equipment is collected and transmit raised new requirement. Below such setting, the use of sensor is the key that realizes intelligence to convert chemical plant of production, intelligence not only, it is to drive an enterprise to realize intelligence to make more, embrace be about to or the precondition of the times of content couplet net that has come.

3, the industry appears group to change development

The manufacturing proprietor of an enterprise of our country sensor is growing trigonometry area centrally, form the area space overall arrangement that gives priority to with the central city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Xi’an gradually.

Grow trigonometry area: Above sea, it is a center without stannum, Nanjing, form gradually include heat quick, magnetism quick, picture, say the relatively complete sensor such as heavy, photoelectricity, temperature, gas quick produces system and industrial form a complete set.

Bead trigonometry area: Give priority to with Shenzhen center city, by around in the foreign capital enterprise of small town is comprised with the heat quick, magnetism quick, ultrasonic, sensor industry system that says to be given priority to again.

Northeast area: Give priority to with Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, basically produce sensor of MEMS Li Min, gas quick sensor, Shi Min sensor.

Beijing ferry area: Basically give priority to with the college, pursue the research and development of new-style sensor, in blank of home of certain domain fill. Beijing already built micron / key laboratory of accept rice state.

Mid area: Give priority to with Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Taiyuan, produce the pattern that learns to grind to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl, in fluid of number of type of PTC/NTC thermal resistor, induction the industrial respect such as gentle style sensor develops sensor situation is favorable.

4, the car develops with sensor market rapid

Electric car market takes off, operation of study of artificial intelligence deepness also lets drive oneself be expected to come true, plant of car of global a gleam of is moved besides vigorous investment report in recent years car or dynamoelectric the development of mixture car, cloth of overhand also and huge natural resources is built advanced drive support system (ADAS) , the purpose should drive oneself namely times breakfast comes. And the motor-car that do obeisance to report and drive to develop place to grant flourishingly oneself, although global car sale is in,grow in the near future finite still, but the car reachs personal computer report with sensor (MEMS) market grows to be being quickened.




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