Ou Silang and small Mi the standardization LED signal lamp of joint development first solid outfit blocks edition of Luo La motion at cropland of new fund abundant

Brand-new XLS range of products is passed combine standard illuminant and LED technology look, bring for signal lamp market brand-new change

The near future, company of small Mi of global illume and Ou Silang of leader of science and technology and Japan announces to will release a series of standardization LED signal lamp. Product of this series signal lamp is based on original series exchangeable LED signal lamp (XLS) the product undertakes developing, accord with UN/ECE (R128) standard. Carry signal lamp of this series LED, installation applies the unified platform that can have version of 3 kinds of different lamplight through to undertake administrative in all and important signal lamp on car, achieved the new breakthrough inside the industry. What this innovation technology can realize component is simple change, help car manufacturer reduces manufacturing difficulty and total cost, get because of its standard reasonable adjust, can accelerate development process. Since Spring 2018, ou Silang’s LY5 and LW5 XLS lamps and lanterns had been installed with Yu Fengtian card collect pulls series new model.

LED technology gifted the flexibility with car and its illume stylist and huge manufacturer. In going a few years, a lot of custom-built LED illume solutions come out early or late, but this lets current supply however catenary becomes unusually complex. To settle this kind of case, the signal lamp application development that Ou Silang is automobile industry the standardization LED illuminant of sex of a kind of innovation.

Hans Joachim Schwabe of apparitor of banquet of radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries of career of illume of Ou Silang special type expresses, “ is based on its mature XLS series product, ou Silang rolled out a brand-new product to combine, can achieve all innovation beneficial result of LED technology not only, what still reduced cable length of whole client value significantly at the same time is complex degree. ”

Apply to the unified platform of illuminant of all LED signal

The new series ECE that comes from Ou Silang standardizes illuminant to be able to use yellow and white to represent different signal application at present, if turn to back-up lamp and the lamp, day travel lamp (DRL) . Additional, one kind used different level and change technically in the light of the white of fog lamp model the product will be rolled out at the end of the year. The 4th kind of red changes model the product also is about to come out. The standardization of this series product makes of the component change become more simple: Need to replace illuminant to be able to achieve different result only, this also was absolved change normally whole lamps and lanterns or the cost that headlight requires.

Solid design ensured product service life is long and on the safe side. Because LED occupies a space smaller, can advance the miniaturization of electron, optics and mechanical fittings so. The small-sized glow area of XLS product and relevant safeguard still can make sure its do not suffer electrostatic discharge, twinkling to change to be affected with overvoltage.

Innovation can change lamps and lanterns establishs new standard

XLS range of products brought extensive advantage for manufacturer of consumer, headlight and car manufacturer. Platform of unified standardization signal lamp reduced the amount of solution of the illume in the car, this reduced car manufacturer greatly supplying catenary, development and the totle drilling cost that accuse to wait for a lot of domains character. Also reduced the time that development needs and energy significantly to designing the repetition of module and identical platform to use. To car plant and car advocate, standardization platform means illuminant to be able to undertake simplier changing, reduce maintenance work, reduce cost further.

This series lamps and lanterns hopes in lay mines of German black Er root of the court of a feudal ruler throws batch to produce, this ensured high-end quality not only, and it is a when Ou Silang changes the key of this factory to the illume that is based on semiconductor the solution important milestone. The car experience with profit from old plant, XLS product came true to not have seam production. Shorter design cycle and smaller system are complex degree, make XLS range of products becomes LED technology to march one of pioneers of domain of high yield car.

Since Spring 2018, XLS range of products will accompany cropland of new fund abundant to block edition of Luo La motion to show body Japan street. Other type plans to be by 2018 appear on the market. Ou Silang is expanding its XLS product is combined hard at present.

Ou Silang provides the light source of 3 kinds of different version with unified XLS platform, all and important signal lamp that enclothes Feng Tian successfully to block Luo La model first applies. Offer a plan: Ou Silang


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