NTT develops AI system to promote work efficiency, extend application at more industry market

Basis ” news of daily newspaper industry ” point out, japan developed NTT on the west system of a kind of AI, can improve the efficiency that arranges the job outdoor, if build and be safeguarded of communication establishment, reduce needless time waste. This company plan expands business after 2019 to NTT group (include NTT east build and maintain a branch of Japan) , consider to make a sale to the enterprise beyond communication even, for example the maintenance of power company is checked, and the maintenance of electric home appliances<gj that come.


This is covered by the AI system that Japan develops NTT on the west, can indicate location position of the staff member on the map, the mobile method that also works toward the spot before personnel of can clear directive, expenses time is shorter, in order to promote whole efficiency. The administrator can consult the judgement of AI system, guide a staff member to have operation to calm dot, and in this system, the identity that registered every personnel and working status, even but according to these information, accurate judgement employee can be handled why to plant the job of the type.

Past light is employee shift is mixed to building site spot bide one’s time the time of an expenditure, took up the working hours that comparative, system of AI of research and development can improve this problem considerably now, handle other business effectively.

AI upsurge spreads in international, this month ends 21 numbers at Tokyo ” world robot peak was met 2018 ” , also mention the trend of prospective AI trend. ” day classics news ” point out, the spot collects numerous expert to view the future of the robot, among them abundant cropland institute (TRI) the Jill · of CEO Pratt (Gill Pratt) mention, the outside thinks AI cold winter comes it seems that, but he not approve of. On the other hand, IRobot company vice president overcomes Reese Jones expresses · , 2013 the scale of software engineer is 1/8, but there was engineer of a software among 3 engineers 2018, because this future will enlarge the investment of software engineer. (proofread / Oliver)

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