Note 10 of SamSung exposing to the sun uses trade cell of black lead Xi: 12 minutes are full of

Last year November, samSung won the patent of the solution that is based on black lead Xi, this solution may make the charge of batteries compares tower above of current lithium ion batteries 45% . Now, through old development, a personage inside course of study claims, of SamSungBatteries of black lead XiBasically had finished, business is entered the earliest possibly even to use device in next year.


Besides the capacity bigger besides, another advantage of batteries of black lead Xi is to charge rate is rapidder, ioniccer than existing lithium batteries is controlled 5 times more quickly. This is meant, the batteries of black lead Xi of the mobile phone can be in weak point report is filled inside 12 minutes. In addition, notable is, although charge rate is rapidder, but the deterioration degree of batteries of black lead Xi often lower.

Once the crop of batteries of black lead Xi begins to increase, it is cheaper that its price compares solution of lithium ion batteries possibly also, and also will more environmental protection. Finally, to resembling SamSung for, its best perhaps advantage is they cannot explode, this will avoid the setting of occurrence Galaxy Note 7.

Current, still not be clear that when SamSung can begin to use cell of black lead Xi in its smartphone, galaxy Note 10 of it is reported can embark probably first.


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