More powerful than A12? IPad Pro will carry malic new fund A12X processor

Malic IPhone XS already was released, its largest window should count its powerful copy to give birth to processor A12, it is reported, newest IPad will use more powerful than A12 A12X processor, do you expect such IPad?

Message of the intermediary outside the basis, they had affirmed new IPad will use new A12X processor, the A12 processor that goes up than the IPhone type this year is faster. Say according to message personage, this new processor still will include more powerful A12X GPU. The component date of processor is T8027, its code name is Vortex.

More powerful than A12? IPad Pro will carry malic new fund A12X processor

Ever reported before the home of IT, IPad Pro will use new fund to be designed without frame, and cancelled Home key, what differ with IPhone is, without bang. Although say,be immensity casing design, but do not mean new fund IPad Pro frame will be very narrow —— although it used slighter frame to design, because these frame hold TrueDepth camera system even.

IPad Pro will use new fund to wait for same A12 processor with IPhone XS, support USB-C port, can output 4K HDR video exterior monitor.

According to divulge of personage of know the inside story, the apple on the news briefing will release new edition Apple Pencil in October, can with new fund IPad Pro collocation is used. New Apple Pencil and IPad Pro match pattern of the other side, as AirPods or HomePod and IPhone conjugate, need not receive Apple Pencil repeatedly charge port, can be between equipment switch.

Finally, IPad Pro will provide new fund brand-new fittings connector. Magnetic connector is located in the reverse side of IPad, can join different fittings, for example the intelligent clavier of new version and other tripartite fittings.

Although flat market year after year is atrophic, the shipment amount of IPad of Dan Ping fruit is very considerable still, plus high price, the profit that its bring for the apple is very rich and generous still, so the apple also can make oneself IPad more powerful ceaselessly, more absorbing.

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