Mitsui chemistry also should build MLCC new plant to produce after porcelain of Beijing of afterwards village cropland can turn over times!

News of daily newspaper industry covers 22 days, because the car uses electric capacity of laminose pottery and porcelain (quickness of MLCC) demand expands, also drive relevant data demand to be added urgently, because this Mitsui is chemical (the subsidiary below banner of Mitsui Chemicals) ” Mitsui chemistry Tohcello ” plan build MLCC is used from model velar new plant, beforehand appraise will begin construction the most quickly in 2019 year, add total other increase production to invest computation, the target uses MLCC before 2025 year end from model film produces can more active enlarge to add 1 times.

Report points out, global car produces per year a quantity nearly 100 million, and change as car electron, beforehand the MLCC amount that appraise will allow every car to embark from active most 6, 000 enlarge are added reach 10 thousand. ” Mitsui chemistry Tohcello ” basically use plant of Japanese Ci city to produce MLCC to leave at present model film, and ” Mitsui chemistry Tohcello ” the site setting a plant that selecting afore-mentioned new plants at present, besides Japan, factory of its client MLCC grabs the Asian area such as the China that enter also is the possible site that set a plant.

According to fine fact XQ whole world wins genealogical all to quote, up to Beijing time 22 days morning till 8:55, mitsui chemistry drops 1.16% to 2, 638 yen.

Cropland of MLCC bibcock village makes place (when Murata) chairman holds president village Tian Hengfu concurrently to accepted Reuter to interview on October 16, express, beforehand appraise henceforth 2 years MLCC fears lasting be in short supply, will last because increase production answers demand.


Beijing porcelain (because the car uses requirement,Kyocera) came out a few days ago big, produce can present a standard-sized sheet to be fully loaded with condition continuously, because this plans build MLCC new factory building.




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