Market country seeks advice release 2019 trend of 10 old science and technology: Memory industry upgrades again

Country of market of global market research organization seeks advice in the light of industry of science and technology grew 2019, release trend of 10 old science and technology:

Memory industry upgrades again, the key is in memory of second for generations and enclose stack technology

Look into 2019, because make Cheng turn into already achieved rub the physical limit of Er law, the development of memory technology will be worn Chinese ink at enclosing means update and the exploration to memory of second for generations. Have sheet to solve the bottleneck of the Bandwidth that when grain is enclosed, is faced with, the manufacturer attempts to pass through stack (similar TSV) the transmission amount that means increases information in limited space (Throughput) , be like the High Bandwidth Memory(HBM) that at present the manufacturer rolls out.

On the other hand, to satisfy the brim computation needs the requirement of faster reaction time, with existing DRAM photograph relatively, because applied framework is different (with central processor more stand by, the design that is Embedded for example) , and item characteristics is blame is volatile (the advantage omiting report that Non-volatile) place brings, will make next year manufacturer right the energy of research and development of memory of second for generations will be more driving.

5G business enters sprint phase with deploy

5G development needs to build buy to be a foundation with glossy news report, 2018 already in succession cloth is built mix to urban district network further from backbone network receive take a network, achieve appearance of wide spread of low cost frequency. 5G product research and development, business can enter sprint phase with deploy 2019, each big telegraphic firm will have the whole world such as the United States, Korea, Japan, China in succession 5G business turns program, first 5G the smartphone comes out organic meeting.

What serve a category as mobile network is patulous, system of zoology of rich and telegraphic network, 5G is offerred besides bigger frequency wide and more high speed action experiences even the net outside, also assist include to draw quality image sound high (4K/8K inspects message) , action AR/VR game and be enmeshed style is media application, industry automation, distant be apart from the more such as net of couplet of operation robot, large-scale content and automatic traffic control yuan and more thorough.

Smartphone norms promotes again, but fold screen and 5G mobile phone will come out

Smartphone industry grew heavy name a person for a particular job to in order to optimize already the function gives priority to an axis 2019, include full screen the trend is narrow the acme with smaller area of frame, Notch is changed, and before the acme that camera lens can face towards the design of contractible model group will cooperate Notch is changed. In addition, biology differentiates embarking scale will rise again, 3 camera lens also can be driven take a picture functional promotion. Outside unexpectedlying but fold screen mobile phone and 5G mobile phone hopeful appeared formally 2019.

As flexible it is mature that AMOLED technology tends, saw organic meeting truly odd screen 2019 but fold mobile phone. Because 5G mobile phone answers the advent of high speed transmission for generations, although business uses the 5G of communication base the station has not gain ground, brand factory still develops corresponding mobile telephone actively with period obtain those who enlarge the market first machine. If farther union 5G is mixed but fold design, organic meeting belt gives more and different application, will become 2019 the one large window of mobile phone market.

The dactylogram below screen identifies a technology large-scale mobile phone of the high end in guiding

Indebted reduce at technical gradual progress and cost, add manufacturer of each big An Zhuo to be used in succession, the dactylogram below the optical type screen that belongs to admiral machine to plant only originally identifies program, anticipate 2019 will large-scale the An Zhuo machine of the high end in guiding is planted in. In addition, as ultrasonic dactylogram identifying a group of people of same interest is thrown actively, organic also 2019 meeting sees ship aircraft plants the An Zhuoqi that uses the dactylogram below ultrasonic screen to identify a technology publish.

Beforehand the dactylogram below ultrasonic and optical screen identified appraise 2019 technical permeability will from 2018 3% rise to 13% . And outside identifying sensor park screen to fall except grain middling finger, also the manufacturer begins to develop grain middling finger to identify sensor be buried at frame all around, if can overcome a technology / fine leads bottleneck, anticipate 2019~2020 year organic also meeting sees this kind of technology comes out. But the acceptance of follow-up consumer is spent reach applicable market to still wait for observation, also be worth to pay close attention to to the concussion that at present integral dactylogram identifies technical domain.

Mini LED will become monitor to be bestowed favor on newly

Because Mini LED has the tall indication effect of tall brightness, tall contrast, can show with OLED contend, because this shows level to already guided to the vision the effect asks higher theater displays screen, and the family expenses market such as domestic theater.

relatively display screen at the LED of initiative smooth type (Video Wall) , mini LED is in a poor light monitor changes to be fundamental illuminant with blue smooth chip, relatively RGB3 unbleached LED is more cheap on cost, will more organic meeting infiltrates the La Hai of consumption monitor, application will cover mobile phone, flat, desk to go up model monitor, car uses monitor and TV to wait be in a poor light monitor. Beforehand after it is mature that Mini LED is in appraise to developed 2018, will at 2019~2020 year enter high speed to develop level, production value will reach 1.699 billion dollar 2022.

Speech function enters more terminal plant, search new service business chance

Intelligent acoustics inscribed a gender besides the word that brings the market 2018 besides, more dash forward showed speech function to be in the importance of terminal device. 2019 speech function besides embarking to wait for device in earphone of TV of car, intelligence, intelligence, also can provide the applied function of more sort, include speech assistant, speech to differentiate, speech shops wait for a service. Chamber of commerce of works of predicting next year is through speech function on terminal device have all sorts of attempts, the hope attracts new market of more of consumer, creation with convenience sex.

ESIM increases value of intelligent watch product, drive market growth

Express as intelligent hand, connect line PC(Always Connected PCs) forever built-in ESIM gets stuck, provide device independence online function, plus Apple, China for, of the big plant such as Qualcomm drive, make the dependence that ESIM device can cast off pair of smartphones increases itself product value. There will be city of range of product of watch of more ESIM intelligence 2019, assistant of happy with stringing together liquid, incoming telegram and message function, act for product value, supersede the function of partial smartphone, cut the market of intelligent watch and intelligent hand annulus rift with this, the growing rate that drives intelligent watch exceeds intelligent hand annulus.

Content couplet net is carried out year, the market is entered turn white-hot competition

2018 is content couplet net a year when each level fulfils stage by stage, if low power comsumption is wide net of region content couplet (LPWAN) at global each district in succession business is used, brim operation (the wisdom that Edge Computing) and artificial intelligence blend in framework of content couplet net, each perpendicular application domain upgrades to all begin to have remarkable getaway. What built as technology and foundation 2019 is complete, company of content couplet network is able to produce the core of itself and commercial value, but subsequently and those who come is market competition intensity increases, test is worn the pattern of business of content couplet network of the enterprise invests cost effectiveness, and whether implementation gains profit for a long time target, 2019 will be company of content couplet network whether the key of market of stand firm business year.

New science and technology is joined, initiate new structure of medical treatment industry

Observe American FDA continues this year the reform force of act of 21 centuries medical treatment, foreword is decided in digital medical treatment and gene of second for generations (the code that NGS) medical treatment uses superintends a movement again and again, will take be born new condition of industry of ability medical treatment. Among them, it is important that the part of software jumps over hasten, ICT combines medicaments or pure software is opposite of the disease intervene, become the remedial pattern of new-style condition, namely digital therapeutics (Digital Therapeutics) .

Operation robot and operation navigation system (SNS) anticipates can cross domain conformity of all kinds medical treatment is video include shirt-sleeve sex with video technology video (medicine of Hybrid Imaging) , element video, AR and MR, in order to propose form, optimize more perfect wisdom small start operation system.

In the part that gene detects, NGS carries development to already was become toward clinical application finality, and the standardization gene database that builds place in American FDA ClinVar and ClinGen and the PrecisionFDA that occupy algorithmic test and verify to deciding ordinal number, NGS decides the analysis of foreword data and application in back end, the competitive core that will make future face bed application market develops tie with new treatment gradually, allow medical treatment in order to carry out essence of life.

Intelligent electrified wire netting, energy management, store can the system becomes Guang Fufa exhibit a key

Smooth hot season supplies catenary to last in Chinese area enlarge is produced, and the policy change of Chinese government brings about domestic demand atrophy, make the state that the market presents supply exceeds demand, let global package value glide continuously further. This trend creates great pressure to supplying chain, spread out Xin Yibo industry probably 2019 to shuffle, but also drive system of Guang Fufa cable and leveling cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS on the other hand (LCOE) drops considerably.

The international market already appeared price of electric power of smooth hot season achieves town report to be the same as valence (Grid-parity) level, and the agitation that does not have system of filling Tie Guangfu already gradually from Euramerican diffuse Asia. How does electric power of prospective smooth hot season undertake moving be applyinged peak, effectively, match each other with the other energy resources inside system of electrified wire netting, will become the key that raises permeability, and intelligent electrified wire netting, energy management and store can the system will act important role.


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