Lucky Sa electron offers more comprehensive and powerful IP accredit program

On September 26, 2018, the semiconductor solution supplier with banner whole world of – of Japanese Tokyo dispatch company limited of lucky Sa electron (TSE: 6723) announces now, enlarge its intellectual property (the accredit limits of IP) , the contented and extensive client in making design the industry that personnel is changing quickly is custom-built demand. Lucky Sa electron is in its are small controller (MCU) and piece on system (inside SoC) product compositive many IP, include central processor (IP of CPU)IP, communication interface, timer IP, memory IP and imitate IP. Since this day, the client can use the IP product combination with powerful function of lucky Sa electron. The first batch of offerred products cover the IP accredit of about 40 many category, include CPU nucleus (RX, SH) , electric machinery is special nucleus of timer IP, USB and SRAM. Still will provide more authorization according to market demand henceforth.

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Regard the whole world as banner semiconductor device supplier, lucky Sa electron developed a large number of IP solution, contain independent CPU and periphery IP module, and the subsystem that receives IP module repeatedly, be like bus line controller or interrupt controller. All these IP asset have high reliability and good quality, can satisfy semiconductor equipment supplier fore-and-aft conformity arrives from the design create the demand that waits for all phase. In addition, regard semiconductor as manufacturer, lucky Sa electron still can provide outstanding technical support through abundant professional knowledge.

Intelligence of intended humanness labour (drive AI) , automatically the application development such as car and robot is custom-built the manufacturer of chip, the IP of lucky Sa electron can be used in its subsystem design now. Such, they can dedicated the advantage IP asset at developing oneself, accelerate the development of high-end semiconductor thereby. In addition, use spot but array of process designing door (the IP that FPGA) parts of an apparatus undertakes the manufacturer of inchoate development can use lucky Sa electron will accelerate software development, implementation is inchoate evaluate and accelerate a product to appear on the market speed, can turn to a quantity to produce instantly. On the other hand, the clientele that likes to use existing software capital fund can continue to use the IP resource of lucky Sa electron, reduce development, test and verify and the labour cost that evaluate software to reach circuit board place to need thereby, realize more significant system development.

Development department of technology of applicable to both or all of company limited of lucky Sa electron close cane Hong Yu shows vice president of the first branch, “ regards the whole world that has knowledge of deep production major as banner semiconductor supplier, lucky Sa electron is IP market to bring distinctive hole to see by right of plan of its sweeping semiconductor IP accredit. This wide-open plan made manufacturer and industry of semiconductor of factory of the circle that do not have brilliant offer reliable IP for the system, make they can accelerate software development cycle, develop custom-built semiconductor product quickly, the technology that quickens the whole world greatly thereby innovates. ”

Before this, lucky Sa electron provides IP service for specific client only. This new move that enlarges IP sale is indicating lucky Sa electron begins to march IP accredit market. This market is rising with exceeding the rate of 10% every year, to 2025 hopeful attains the scale of about 1 trillion yen. The target of lucky Sa electron is the sale that achieved more than 10 billion yen 2025. Future, providing authorization of existing IP asset while, lucky Sa electron still will offer custom-built IP for the client, seize market opportunity thereby, promote the growth on IP market further.


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