Leave formally rip! Know secret of technology of accusation apple filch high, improve chip for Intel

On September 26 message, the intermediary outside occupying reports, show according to connecting the document that is submitted to court of American California place in this week high, connect accusation apple high to be suspected of the information such as filch chip technology and commercial secret, the competitor Intel that carries supply to be connected high in order to improve the performance of chip. It is reported accuses this is complement of the abuses classified software accusation that afterwards leads to an apple high in November 2017 to put forward, hope court can undertake correction to the accusation November.


The long-standing of kind and enmity of both, last year in January, the apple is sued connect high, accusation connects the chip patent with exorbitant collection high to use fee, reject to remand the patent of 1 billion dollar of affirmatory go back uses fee. In April, connect the announcement that announces to already received an apple high, time-out pays to its 2017 the IPhone patent fee first quarter.

May, connect the Fuji of business of 4 big acting plants the apple high health, with large (Pegatron) , abb is achieved (Wistron) He Renbao (Compal) tells a court, call these 4 acting factories Shang Zaiping fruit incite below, reject to pay patent accredit fee.

In June, the apple accuses agreement of accredit of chip of machine of Gao Tongzhi hotshot is invalid again. July, connect high sue an apple, say the apple encroachs his to count a patent technology, main with increase time of boat of add of mobile equipment batteries relevant. In November, connect high sued an apple to disobey software to permit an agreement, cause competitor Intel to be on production broadband modem benefit.

The apple raises doubt to the accusation that connects high. The month on this company shows, connect high refuse with respect to the apple after all as undeserved as Intel shared what confidential information to make a response. The apple still expresses, they had offerred an opportunity for Gaotongdi, whether does the software that so that affirm,connects high suffer abuse.

And to this newest accusation, the apple rejects to be judged to this buy. Intel was not labelled this case the accused, this company also rejects to be judged to this buy.

This newest accusation will become apple and the war that understand patent high of big fight to begin

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