Intel is added endowment carry produce in order to satisfy demand of PC chip market

The intermediary outside occupying reports, intel says, it prepares to raise yield of PC computer chip, ease the problem that supplies shortage. This chip manufacturer plans to increase budget of 1 billion dollar this year, with the crop of the existing factory that is located in the United States, Ireland and Israel at raising its.

This company says, PC computer market appeared to grow again to the demand of chip, this lets it feel very open-eyed. Intel website is in Zhou Wu (on September 28) send client letter when release to say, it will reach 15 billion dollar in the defray forehead 2018.

After this message is announced, the share price of Intel goes up greatly for a time 4.1% . The share price of competitor AMD dropped 8% , because investor worries about Intel,raise crop to may strip the opportunity that AMD acquires more market share.

The chip of Intel is powerful bully the whole world the notebook computer of 90% above and computer of almost all server.

Intel changes more advanced production to technology of production of rice of craft ——10 accept in effort all the time. This lets competitor AMD wait had the opportunity that try best to catch up. Newest data of Zhou Wu shows, the market the demand to Intel chip still very exuberant.

Cast a Sanford C. The analyst of Bernstein Sidaxi – pull Si Gang (Stacy Rasgon) says in the brief report of a research that issues investor, the yield that raises older production technology can raise cost, beautiful money is bought already antiquated production facilities also can raise cost. From in the long run, such practice not be to one’s profit.

Intel says, it is in turn to 10 accept rice to produced technical respect to obtain a few progress. A few analysts say, the transition of Intel is late already two years of time.

Intel is added endowment carry produce in order to satisfy demand of PC chip market

“ fine is tasted rate improving. We predict to began batch production 2019. ” Intel says. Fine is tasted leading is the chip amount that points to to in producing the product that come out every time, can be used.

The norms decrescent of miniature transistor makes chip manufacturer can produce chip with lower cost a future life, and the function that can increase chip, reduce their specific power consumption. Tens of year come, intel improves its Namisheng to produce technology in effort all the time.

New the older 14 accept rice that addition budget will throw to the end of 2013 to roll out produces a technology to go up.

Intel says, it prepares to produce its resource to be thrown to high-end chip, for example server chip. This may be brought about cheap the supply of PC chip appears shortage. But, this can not affect Intel to realize its annual battalion to accept a target.

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